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Travel Correspondents Introduction

I realized that I am not equipped to answer all types of travel questions, that sometimes even I am beaten with an inquiry into an aspect of world travel that I have either not experienced or have not experienced in the way that could match the intentions of the asker. I realized that I needed [...]

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I realized that I am not equipped to answer all types of travel questions, that sometimes even I am beaten with an inquiry into an aspect of world travel that I have either not experienced or have not experienced in the way that could match the intentions of the asker. I realized that I needed some help, I needed a team of travel experts. To these ends I’ve asked various travelers that I have met over the years who have particular skill, experience, or knowledge sets if they would be willing to field travel questions for Vagabond Journey. Many have answered in the affirmative, and the groundwork for a new section of the website has been laid.

ASK Travel Questions

Travel correspondent team on Vagabond Journey:

  • ASK Motorcycle Travel Questions- Motorcycle Bob, or Bob L, has logged more miles on the back of a motorcycle, often traveling across entire continents, than anyone else that I have ever known. He has ridden a motorcycle through the south of South America, the Balkans, and cris-crossed the USA more times than even he probably cares to count. Bob is also an enclyclopedia of knowledge about motorcycles, their maintence, and gear hauling strategies, and, as always, he responds to questions without fear of adding a heavy dose of his personal opinions. With much excitement, I announce that Bob is now fielding questions about motorcycle travel for Vagabond Journey. ASK Motorcycle Travel Questions.
  • ASK Bicycle Travel Questions- The traveler known to readers as Bicycle Luke has begun fielding any questions that readers may have about traveling long distance on a bicycle. Luke has traveled more than 12,000 km across dozens of countries on three or four continents on a bicycle. He is a man of systems, he travels well — he camps out in the bush, cooks his own meals, and rides wherever the winds blow him. Apart from knowing a lot about traveling on a bicycle he is also one of the most complete travelers that I have ever met — when he is on the road, he is more or less completely self-sufficient: he has his own transportation, kitchen, and bed with him at all times. Luke will also soon be departing on a five year, around the world bicycle journey. ASK Bicycle Travel Questions.
  • ASK Business Travel Questions- Rory Doolan travels around the USA as a clinical trials researcher. I am unsure what he really does for work, but I do know that he is a part of the great legion of people moving through the airports of the world in sharp suits, button up shirts, and slick shoes. Rory is a business traveler — he mixes travel and work, gets paid for going places, looks good, and lives on expense accounts. Find out more about business travel, the gadgets that business travelers use, and how to find employment that will pay you to traverse the globe at ASK Business Travel Questions.
  • ASK Overland Travel Questions- Dave from The Longest Way Home has spent the past five years traveling overland from Portugal to the eastern coast of China and then up and down the Phillipeans looking for home. Needless to say, he knows a lot about traveling overland. Dave is one of the few travelers that I know of who has traveled all the way across the old world from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific without leaving the ground. He has truly connected a path across the world and he is available to answer questions about how to go on a trip that ties together many countries in an unbroken line across the world. >ASK Overland Travel Questions-
    More correspondents in various other branches of travel will hopefully be added as time goes on. This project is still young, help it grow by asking travel questions.

    This is another step along out journey to provide travel information that is tailored to the individual traveler. This team of correspondents are extremely knowledgable and experienced in their field, and they are available to provide direct answers to your direct questions. No longer do you need to search the internet in hopes of finding an answer that somewhat matches your questions, but you can contact an experienced traveler directly and receive advice that is just for you.

    This service is 100% free, though donations paid to the individual correspondents are greatly appreciated.

    To continue providing Vagabond Journey with room to grow, I know that I need to include more people who have knowledge that is different from my own, that goes beyond my own. Vagabond Journey is getting to big for me to continue doing all alone — I have recognized what I can do, what I know, and what I can share, but I really need to invite other people into the project to finish walking the paths where I stop to rest. I know nothing about business travel, so I had to find Rory; I have never driven a motorcycle before, so I would be lost without the help of Bob L; I have ridden a bicycle long distances, but never with the systemization and finesse of Luke; and I have traveled overland as a rule, but not to the extent of Dave. This team of travel correspondents makes Vagabond Journey into more of a complete package, a place for finding the travel information that you want in one place.

    The team of Vagabond Journey correspondents is growing, if you are particularly adept or experienced in a certain area of travel and would like to field questions on Vagabond Journey, please get in touch and we can set you up.

    We are still looking for correspondents in the various areas of travel

    • Regional Representatives – location specific travel experts
    • Living abroad, expat lifestyle
    • RV, motorhome travel
    • Camping, hiking, wilderness travel
    • Teaching English abroad
    • Travel Health – Any doctors out there?

    If you would like to be a correspondent in one of the above areas or would like to propose another, please contact me or comment below.

    A special thanks goes out to the team of correspondents who are fielding questions and offering their expertise for scraps of donations or nothing at all.

    We truly appreciate it!

    Browse the questions that the correspondents have already answered at ASK Travel Questions


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