Travel Blog Posts from Europe

Travel Blog Posts from Europe

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Portugal- 2007:

Portugal- Drinking in Lisbon- Bairro Alto

Portugal- Buy a DVD and Support Grupo Alavio

Japan- Hitch-Hiking in Japan with Mr. Fuji

Portugal- Graffiti in Portugal: The Other Side of the Wall

Portugal- On Portuguese Graffiti- Interview with Mr.Dheo

Portugal- Portuguese Graffiti Artist Eskema- Interview

Portugal- Youth Hosteling International Rip-Off Stamp Cards

Portugal- On Leaving Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal

Portugal- Back to Latin America- Time to Dance- Again

Portugal- The Hobo and the Swiss Army Fairy Video

Portugal- Wade from Vagabond is a Cheater

Portugal- Late Night Thanksgiving Day Visit to the Sea

Portugal- Cultural Questions

Portugal- The Siesta in Portugal

Portugal- Thanksgiving on the Road

Portugal- Vagabond in Internet Explorer

Portugal- First 100 Visitor Day

Portugal- Isabelle Eberhardt

Portugal- Isabelle Eberhardt: An Interview with the Kathleen...

Portugal- Sex on the Beach and a Haircut

Portugal- Vagabond Website is Up

Portugal- Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal

Portugal- On Climbing a Cliff

Portugal- Ryan Air or The Penny Flight that Wasn't

Portugal- When Two Travelers Fall in Love

Portugal- The Trauma of Building a Website

Portugal- Fireworks . . .and the Pogues

Portugal- Travel Tip #6- Avoid International Bus and Train S...


Portugal- Interview with Travel

Japan- In Search of a Tattoo in the New Japan

Portugal- Setubal to Vila Nova de Milfontes by Bicycle

Portugal- Vagabond Community News Update- November 6, 2007

Portugal- Traveling Stories Magazine Travel Writing Contest

Portugal- Interview with the Traveler, Loren Everly

Portugal- The Joys of Traveling by Bicycle

Portugal- Burroughs' Interzone Found

Portugal- By Bicycle: from Lisbon to Setubal, Portugal Part ...

Portugal- Graffiti in Portugal

Portugal- By Bicycle: from Lisbon to Setubal, Portugal Part ...

Portugal- On Masterpieces and Messes

Portugal- In Lisbon

Portugal- To Portugal

Portugal- By Bike: From Lisbon, Portugal to France


England- 2003, 2006, 2007:

England- I Think I Shook England

France- 2003, 2007, 2008:

France- New Year's Eve in France

France- On Leaving France

France- Driving in France

France- Tattoos in Chile and Friends

France- New Vagabond Newsletter

France- Epidemic in France

France- Done Waiting for the Big Day

France- Christmas in France

France- The Dancing Hitchhiker Video

France- In Montpellier France

France- Hitch-Hiking in France Part 2

France- Hitch-Hiking to Andorra in Winter Part 1

France- French Hygiene and Stereotypes

France- Village Life in Southern France

France- Truphone on Facebook

France- The Tattoo Apprentice- Wanderjahr Jill

France- France is Old

France- France is Expensive



Gibraltar- 2007:

Gibraltar- Up the Great Rock of Gibraltar

Croatia- 2009

Croatia- Hitchhiking Croatia to Montenegro
Croatia- Eastern Europe Tattoo Artist
Croatia- How to Work Hotel Runners
Croatia- Balkan Ethnicities in Times of War

Bosnia- 2009

Bosnia- Bosnian War Destruction
Bosnia- Mostar, Bosnia Old Town Photos
Bosnia- Interview with a Tasmanian Traveler
Bosnia- Travel Tip# 25- How to Eat for Free in Airports
Bosnia- Travel to Sarajevo
Bosnia- Impressions of Travel in Serbia
Bosnia- Cost of Travel in Hungary

Serbia- 2009

Serbia- Europe is Expensive in Winter
Serbia- Talks of War, Bombing, Dance, and Drink in Belgrade
Serbia- Car Theft in Belgrade
Serbia- Balkan Travel Mission
Serbia- Hungarian border with Serbia and Romania
Serbia- Street Performers and Buskers in Budapest
Serbia- Travel from Hungary to Serbia

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