Travel Blog Posts from East Asia

Travel Blog Posts from East Asia

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China- 2005, 2006, 2007:

China- Essay on Mandarin Chinese Language

China- Nanning, Guangxi Autonomous Region

China- On to Vietnam

China- By Train Across Southern China

China- Hitching across the Middle Kingdom

China- On Leaving China

China- To Mongolia!

China- Beijing Saga Youth Hostel

China- Beijing, the Great Wall, and the Knot

China- The line to Beijing

China- Qingdao, P.R. China

China- Pants-less Women in China

China- Tai Shan pilgrimage

China- Shanghai, May Day holiday

China- Pedestrian traffic jams and Chinese holidays

China- Later Hangzhou

China- Camel toes and Hangzhous, fashion perplexes me aga...

China- Pants-less Chinese women

China- Around Hangzhou

China- Some words to live by

China- Youth Hostels..little isles of somewhere else

China- Moving out

China- A message from a friend

China- Leaving Hangzhou

China- Asia Travels with Stubbs, 2005

China- Shaoxing, more photos

China- Shaoxing, China- Home of Lu Xun

China- University language instruction= looking out windo...

China- Back in Hangzhou

China- In Chinese Medicine class

China- Around China

China- A Good Honking Path

China- Longjing Tea Hills

China- The Hills of Hangzhou

China- Ho-Tei Pilgramage, New Years, Hangzhou

China- China; old map

China- Old Hangzhou



Japan- 2004, 2005:

Japan- Enlightenment at Ryoanji Rock Garden

Japan- Hitch-Hiking in Japan with Mr. Fuji

Japan- In Search of a Tattoo in the New Japan

Japan- Kyoto train terminal, Wade the angel

Japan- In Search of a Traditional Japanese Tattoo

Japan- Hitching through Japan Part I, 88 temple pilgramag...

Japan- PHOTO- Sexy moma Dana in Kyoto

Japan- PHOTO- Drunk in hidden away bar, Kyoto, Japan

Japan- PHOTO- At family home, Orchards and Fields, upsta...

Japan- PHOTO- Just before stripping and jumping in Lake ...

Mongolia- 2007:

Mongolia- Back Across the Great Buddha Arch

Mongolia- In Search of Burt the Dutchman

Mongolia- Map of Mongolia

Mongolia- Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Mongolia- Frontier of Mongolia


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