Travel Blog Posts from Central America

Travel Blog Posts from Central America

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Guatemala- 2008:

Guatemala- Camping at Tikal

Guatemala- Guatemala Civil War Magazine Article

Guatemla/ Mexico- Blog Posts from Mexico and Guatemala

Mexico, Guatemala- Blog Posts from Mexico and Guatemala

Guatemala- How to get to Tikal Guatemala- Made it to Tikal. Hiding out from the park rangers.

Guatemala- Bus from Antigua to Flores Guatemala- A "nice Pullman bus" suddenly turned into a chicken bus.

Guatemala- The Joy of Traveling- A letter from my aunt reveals that she began traveling at the age of 40.

Guatemala- Example Traveler- Watched a girl wash her laundry by hand, wrote a blog post about it.

Guatemala- Hobo Names on Hobo Traveler- Register your own hobo name and get full usage of

Guatemala- Don't Touch the Electric Shower- Travel Tip #12 about the dangers of the electric shower head.

Guatemala- Up Pacaya Volcano- The simply journey up to a lava flow coming out of the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala.

Guatemala- My Early Travels- A quick impression of my travels before Song of the Open Road.

Guatemala- Backpacking is Dead-Long Live the Backpacker- Thoughts about backpacking and the changing face of travel.

Guatemala- Under the Radar in Antigua- About the balance that a little bit of work a day brings and on the virtue of saying no.

Guatemala- Raising a Travel Website Child- The growing pangs, woes, and excitements of raising a travel website. 

Guatemala- Carhartt Work Boots for Travel- A post about the boots that cover my feet as I travel down the Open Road.

Guatemala- Travel Sickness in Guatemala- Sick again, fever dreams, don't know why. Travel Sickness. Antigua, Guatemala.

Guatemala- Dirty French Men and Courtship- Getting some tips on how not to court a girl from New Zealand.

Guatemala- Hippies in San Pedro, Guatemala- About a hippy town on the other side of Lake Atitlan.

Guatemala- Immigrating to the USA- The glory land at the end of the rainbow is a lot of work.

Guatemala- Boat Travel on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala- Working the hustlers of Lake Atitlan.

Guatemala- Hotel Webpages on Hobo How to live in hotels for free..

Guatemala- The Battle of Ahorita- Standing my ground and getting a shower.

Guatemala- Free Hotel in Santiago Atitlan- How I stayed for free in Santiago Atitlan.

Guatemala- New Travel Blog- Why I am moving away from blogging systems.

Guatemala- Bus from Antigua to Panajachel

Guatemala- Travel Work Skills

Guatemala- I meet the Hobo Traveler

Guatemala- Antigua Guatemala Market Photos

Guatemala- Lady The Female Travel Guide

Guatemala- Cheap Food in Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala- Guatemala Photos

Guatemala- On the Benefit of Animal Noises

Guatemala- Photographs from Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala- Afro-Caribbean Music in Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala- Photographs from Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala- Under the Wing of the Hobo Traveler

Guatemala- Travel Tip 11- No More Shampoo

Guatemala- Dancing Pharmacist in Antigua Guatemala

Honduras, Guatemala- Travel to Guatemala from Honduras



Honduras- 2006, 2008:

Honduras, Guatemala- Travel to Guatemala from Honduras

Honduras- Travel Tip 10- Turn a T-Shirt into Shorts

Honduras- Copan Expat Barroom Wisdom

Honduras- To Guatemala from Honduras

Honduras-Writing for Magazines and Newspapers

Honduras-Tourist Charity and Street Children

Honduras-Vagabond Journey Newsletter 002

Honduras-Copan Ruinas Travel Guide and Map

Honduras-Javanese Proverb

Honduras- Easter in Honduras

Honduras- New Niece of Vagabond Journey

Honduras- Cheap Travel in Tourist Destinations

Honduras- Sponsor Song of the Open Road

Honduras- Good Friday in Honduras

Honduras- Cockfight in Honduras Video

Honduras- The Romance of Traveling

Honduras- Travel Guidebooks: To Use or not to Use- Travel Ti...

Honduras- At the Cockfight

Honduras- Not Going to Belize

Honduras- Undernourished in Honduras

Honduras- New Travel Strategy

Honduras- El Salvador for Semana Santa

Honduras- Travel Tip 9- Turn a Plastic Bag into a Cup

Honduras- Mayan Archaeology at Copan

Honduras- Next Move from Central America

Honduras- Blog Comments and Email Slow Replies

Honduras- Mayan Warfare

Honduras- Dell Laptop on the Rocks

Honduras- A Vagabond Journey Around the World

Honduras- No Photos of Copan Archaeology

Honduras- Honduran Sunday

Honduras- Travel and Food Poisoning

Honduras- Unearthing Skeletons at Copan

Honduras- Excavating at Copan Ruins

Honduras- Mario of Copan

Honduras- Writing the Other Side of Politeness

Nicaragua- 2006, 2008:

Nicaragua- Nicaragua North of Managua

Costa Rica, Nicaragua- Tica Bus to Managua

Nicaragua- Erik the Broken Hearted


Panama- 2008:

Panama- The Sack of Panama

Panama- Panama is Alright

Panama- Low Density High Income Tourism

Panama- The Panama Canal

Panama- Tica Bus to Panama City

Costa Rica- 2006, 2008:

Costa Rica, Nicaragua- Tica Bus to Managua

Costa Rica- Going to Honduras

Costa Rica- On Adventure and Canals

Costa Rica- Kelty Redwing Backpack

Costa Rica- Guatemala Civil War Story

Costa Rica- Boots or Hearts

Costa Rica- Walking on up the Mountain

Costa Rica- I Win and 300 Song of the Open Road Posts

Costa Rica- Rest and Relaxation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica- No Good Feeling Here

Costa Rica- Speak Badly About the USA

Costa Rica- First 200 Visitor Day

Costa Rica- Traveling with a Computer Girlfriend

Costa Rica- Thinking of Panama

Costa Rica- Like a Rolling Stone

Costa Rica- Fired from Archaeology Job

Costa Rica- Trouble at the Boarding House

Costa Rica- Going to Nicaragua

Costa Rica- Dreaming of Cameroon

Costa Rica- To the Beach in Costa Rica

Costa Rica- Like an Old Turd

Costa Rica- Travel and Love- An Unbridgeable Chasm?

Costa Rica- Vagabond Update 2-06-08

Costa Rica- Archaeology Fieldwork in Nicaragua and Copan

Costa Rica- Tourism can be Watched on the TV Screen

Costa Rica- Cafe Abroad Article on Graffiti

Costa Rica- New Vagabond Journey Index

Costa Rica- Eating Hamburgers in Costa Rica

Costa Rica- Street Crime in Costa Rica

Costa Rica- Leaf Cutter Ants in Costa Rica

Costa Rica- Alphasmart NEO for Traveling Writers

Costa Rica- Costa Rica Hotels Not Vagabond Friendly

Costa Rica- Bars, Girlfriends, and Culture in Costa Rica

Costa Rica- Study Spanish in Latin America

Costa Rica- Heredia Costa Rica

Costa Rica- Swiss Army Knife Poll Ended

Costa Rica- Hate Mail From Morocco

Costa Rica- Renting an Apartment in Costa Rica

Costa Rica- Costa Rican Dance Videos

Costa Rica- Onward Tickets for One Way Travelers

Costa Rica- Swiss Army Knife Stolen

Costa Rica- The Way to Costa Rica

Costa Rica- On Becoming a Misanthrope

Costa Rica- Dell Laptops and Travel

Costa Rica- Reflections on Costa Rica



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