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Travel: Bangkok To Melaka

I return to Malaysia.

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I’m rolling down the highway, going south in Malaysia. I feel good. The sun is shining, the seats on the bus are as big and soft as sofa chairs, and all of the travel pieces clicked together seamlessly: Grab taxi to the airport, flight left and arrived on time, walked over to the bus station at KLIA 1 and bought a ticket to Melaka that left in an hour, and now I’m riding.

It’s been a long time since travel has felt like this.

I don’t have anything to do in Melaka — well, not that I know of yet. I’m just going there for a few days while I sort out projects in Johor Bahru and possibly in Penang with editors and sources. In the meantime, I’m just going to chill by the river drinking beer — maybe find something interesting to film, put the finishing editing touches on a couple articles, and blog.


Travel note: Malindo Air should be the new model for budget airlines going forward. Their prices are competitive with Air Asia, and other budgets that try to charge you for everything, but they give you one free checked bag and food. Basically, they are a full service airline at a budget airline’s price point. Why wouldn’t I fly them?


It’s interesting how different places influence you to act differently. I get really happy and almost playful in Malaysia. While I wasn’t necessarily a curmudgeon in Bangkok I wasn’t particularly loquacious either. But I arrive in Malaysia and all that changes. I joke with the guy at the bus ticket booth, talk to some Hong Kong DJ who’s returning home for the holidays, and in general I’m just having fun.

I like Malaysia: the place is a nice mix of Chinese, Indians, and SE Asians — the mix of people from regions of the world I’ve spent a lot of time in all in one place.


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