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The following are articles that I have written while traveling about the people, places, and experiences that I have fallen upon. If you would like to reference or use any of the information from the below articles and research documents, please feel free. Just provide a functional link back to and the following author bio box with links in tact:

Wade P. Shepard has been on a continuous vagabond journey around the world for more than eight years- over thirty countries on five continents. He has wandered into the outback of Mongolia, lived in a monastery in Tibet, ate a puppy in China, danced with mystics in India, thought he was a gardener in Ireland, braved the souqs of North Africa, and got really lost in Patagonia. Throughout all of this, he has been working diligently on his website Vagabond, at:, as well as pawning off various travel articles to unsuspecting magazines for food. 

Travel Articles, Research Papers, and Syndication Library

Travel Articles:

Of Men and Cocks- Notes on a Honduran Cockfight. *Published in Cafe Abroad InPrint, September 2008.

Standing on the Precipice of War- The story of a women cast adrift in the ebb and flow of the Guatemalan Civil War. *Publish by Cafe Abroad Magazine, April 2008.

Seekers of Refuge in a Land of No Return: Conversations with Tibetan Refugees in Bylakuppe, Karnataka, India. November, 2006. *Published in Abroad View Magazine's Spring 2008 edition.

The Other Side of the Wall: Portugal's Underground Graffiti Culture. *Published by Cafe Abroad Magazine, February 2008

Japanese Tattooing: An article about pursuing a traditional Japanese Tattoo in Kyoto, Japan. *Published in Glimpse Magazine's Spring 2008 edition.  

The Breaking of the Fast: A View of Ramada from the Outside- Eating a holy dinner alone with drifting Muslims.

The Breaking of the Fast: A View of Ramadan from the Inside- Tales of cultural contrasts in Morocco.

Desert Queen: Isabelle Eberhardt- An essay on the erudite desert wanderer, Isabelle Eberhardt.

A Visit to a South Indian Archaeological Site: A head first jump into the folk lexicon of village Karnataka. Thus being a record to a visit to an archaeological site in Southern India with the esteemed folklorist, Professor M. Byregowa.

Article and Interview with Loren Everly- This is an article about my experiences with the traveler, Loren Everly, as well as an interview that I did with him in October of 2007.

What is the Good of That? And other reasons why I cannot stomach the faith of commerce. This is an article that I wrote about the neo-corporatization of India while living in Bangalore.

Sitting With the Masters: Talks, observations, and anecdotes from a day with a family of master carvers in the Rajasthan.

"Smoke is an Indication of Work . . . Therefore We are Proud of Our Smoke:" Reactions to the thoughtless acquisition and utilization of introduced technology in Southern India.

Qi: The Essential Essence of Essence. The product of a brief investigation into the Chinese idea of "Qi," and its role in medicine.

The New World Looks Ahead, Not Back: The elderly left behind with their times in the new India.

In Search of a Hermit and Not Finding Him: Up Cold Mountain Path. An article about searching for Han Shan in the Tian Tai mountains of Southeastern China.

Research Papers:

Horimono: The Way of Japanese Tattooing: This is the product of a research project that I undertook in 2004 in Kyoto, Japan.

Yang Sheng: The Root of Health Cultivation. A research paper on the ancient Chinese practice of cultivating wellness.

A Respectable Developement? The Tribals of Arunachal Pradesh: Then and Now. A full length study of the tribal population of the Arunachal Pradesh region of Northeastern India in a historical context.

The Dispersal of Language in China, and the Creation of Standard Mandarin. This is the product of an investigation into the roots of the Chinese Mandarin language.

The Japanese Haiku. A study in Haiku that I undertook in the spring of 2004 while living in Kyoto, Japan. At the bottom of the paper are examples of my own haiku.

Interviews and Thick Description Notes:

Interview with a Guatemalan Refugee in Costa Rica- This is an interview with La Profesora, a refugee in Costa Rica who lived through the Guatemalan civil war. This interview was for a story in Cafe Abroad Magazine.

Overseas Chinese in India: and Chinese in India- Two case studies. Documentation from two meetings with representatives of the Chinese community in India. Discussions focused around the history and formation of India's China towns, as well as the role that the Chinese play in today's rapidly changing India.

Interview with Mr. Dheo- This is an interview that I did with the Portuguese Graffiti writer, Mr. Dheo. 

Interview with Eskema- Interview with the Portuguese graffiti artist, Eskema. 

Isabelle Eberhardt Interview with Kathleen Modrowski- Interview about Isabelle Eberhardt with the anthropologist, Kathleen Modrowski.

Work on Other Websites - writing that I have done on other websites.

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