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  • Bicycle Rickshaws Still Pedal the Streets of China, but for How Much Longer?

    TAIZHOU, China- The streets of Taizhou are full of all types of public transportation: buses, taxis, motorcycle taxis . . . But one type stands out in the backdrop of the fashionable shopping malls, mega-supermarkets, and soaring high-rises of modern China as a relic from another era: the bicycle rickshaw. Throughout the streets of this [...]

  • The Electric Bicycle Revolution in China

    I remember a China where the streets were full of bicycles. I remember peddling in virtual seas of thousands of other cyclists, how rush hour was a critical mass of bicycles zooming every which way, where bike lanes became roaring highways. The bicycle was the top commuter vehicle in the country, and there were hundreds of [...]

  • The China Taxi Experience

    The taxi driver is perhaps a natural predator of the traveler. They stand above us on the food chain right up there with pickpockets, money changers, and touts. It is for this reason that I get into taxi cabs a touch on guard — I make sure the driver knows that I know where I’m going, that [...]

  • Easter Pirate Adventure

    One of the first words I learned here is “Pirate” which is pronounced “Pee-RAH-tuh” in Spanish. It means a truck that carries passengers for money. Since riding in the back of a pickup is now illegal in most of the US, pirates are a chance to do something I last did as a kid. Plus, [...]

  • Transportation in Colombia

    Colombian destinations are easily reached by the extensive bus routes throughout the country. Annoying for many budget travelers, the bus stations are often located a distance from the city, forcing you to take another local bus or taxi into the city center. The bus stations are set up with various company’s offices. A traveler then [...]

  • San Gil to Santa Marta Bus Scam in Colombia

    This is an outline of a Copetran bus line scam that is pulled on tourists wanting to travel from San Gil to Santa Marta, Colombia. When you make your purchase to travel this route on Copetran you are given a ticke that says “Santa Marta” — exactly as it should — with the info that [...]

  • Bus Taxi and Train Travel in Senegal

    Transportation in Senegal There are many modern transportation options available in Senegal, and travelers should not find them unfamiliar. Taxis, buses, and trains are the most common ways of getting around. Taxis There are a number of taxis in Dakar, and this is a relatively inexpensive and convenient way to get around the city. It [...]

  • Colombian Buses – When to Barter for a Lower Fare

    MONGUI, Colombia- The rounds of the traveler communities in Colombia says that you can barter for the price of your bus tickets, and this is true. Each time you go to step foot on a full sized bus you can often come out with a 25 to 40%  discount on your fare. If you can’t [...]

  • Transportation in South Korea

    South Korea has one of the cheapest, most convenient and efficient public transportation systems in the world. Because the country is so small, you will find it neither difficult nor expensive to travel from one end of the peninsula to the other. Travel is, of course, easiest within major metropolitan cities like Seoul or Busan.

  • Transportation in New Zealand

    New Zealand has a well connected and timely public transportation network with bus services, passenger trains and a ferry service connecting the North Island to the South Island. Using these services as a means of transportation is relatively expensive when you’re traveling in a country as safe as New Zealand, and hitchhiking seems to be [...]