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Train Travel

  • Businessmen Cellphones

    Businessmen on Cellphones, or The Rage of a Sleepy TravelerI hate business men. I hate them not for who they are or what they do – I do not care who they are and have absolutely no desire to learn about what they do – but, rather, I hate them for how they sound when [...]

  • Worst Public Transport in the World

    This country is broken.

  • Avoid International Bus and Train Services

    Travel Tip #6- Avoid International Bus and Train Services Sometimes, while traveling, you just want to cross a horizon in one foul swoop, and quickly get from one country to another. In many large cities and prime tourist locations there are buses and trains companies which cater to this desire by offering services that cross [...]

  • Philadelphia, PA

    Philadelphia, PA Amtrak train from Penn Station NYC to Rochester, NY August 19, 2007 I returned from Hanover, PA to Philadelphia a few days ago. The strip malls of once rural America have the effect of deadening one’s senses of the outside world- or perhaps I was just sitting on a damn computer all day [...]

  • The Way to Boston

    Amtrak is good … in comparison to Greyhound.

  • By Train Across Southern China

    Nanning, Guangxi Province, P.R. China6.2.2007“All that my freedom has brought me is the knowledge that I have a face and have a body, that I must feed this body and clothe this body for a certain number of years. Then it will be over.”-V.S. NaipaulSantosh, In a Free State The “no-seat” area by the doors [...]

  • Train Ticket from China to Mongolia

    Beijing, P.R. China 5.15.2007 This is my train ticket to the Chinese border with Mongolia in the Gobi desert. I had to dodge a good tourist trap punch to end up with it. It would be really nice to get out in the desert for a few days before I have to get to Ulaanbaatar [...]