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Touring Through Egypt

Considering going to Egypt? Check this out first.

There are few destinations in the world that can match the rich history of Egypt, where human settlement dates back at least some 42,000 years. The country is known for being the home of the world’s most astounding architectural and cultural creations, from The Great Pyramid of Giza and the ruined temples at Karnak, to the Valley of the Kings, and the Great Sphinx. If you’re unsure of where to go on holiday this year and have always wanted to tour the country, then why not book a short-notice trip to Egypt?

Here are some reasons why you should:

Cheap Accommodation

Fortunately for backpackers, Egypt is home to some of the most affordable hotels and guesthouses you’re likely to find, while still providing quality service and reliability. For those looking more towards the upscale market, the comparable price to European countries is still affordable, though the cost of major international luxury brands in Cairo will be fairly consistent with other capital cities.


Eat Your Heart Out

Egyptian food focuses on a mélange of legumes, fruits, and vegetables, grown in the fertile soils of the country’s Nile valley and river delta. But Egypt’s diverse cultural history and location on the Mediterranean mean that you can easily get dishes as varied as roasted chicken, falafels, skewers, kebabs, fresh seafood, and soups, all for extremely reasonable prices. Your taste buds will quickly discover that Egypt is in fact a hidden culinary gem.

An Unparalleled History

By far the most impressive part of any visit to Egypt is the country’s wealth of archaeological sites, and fortunately for those who’re travelling on a budget the cost of entering these sites is extremely reasonable. While monuments like the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid are easily accessed from the capital, others like the Valley of the Kings will require a little extra travel. If you’re feeling nautically inclined, then you can make your way to southern attractions via boat, as there are a number of cruises down the River Nile stopping off at various historic locations along the way.


The affordability of Egypt makes it a perfect destination for your last minute holiday, as you can easily book hotels and tickets to attractions the day of without blowing your budget. On top of this, a country that is home to such a wealth of world-class sites is a must on everyone’s bucket-list.

Images by Dennis Jarvis used under Creative Commons license.

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