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Tour A Chinese Ghost Mall (Photo Gallery)

Check out a real Chinese ghost mall: the Orient Center of Zhengdong New District.

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Construction was completed on the Orient Center mall in the Zhengdong CBD New District of Zhengzhou, Henan province, three years ago, but it still sits completely vacant today. There is not a single store or restaurant open in this place — and there never has been. This is a ghost mall.

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The mall’s developers claim that it is set to open as an actual shopping center within the next year, and though it is easy to be cynical here, judging from the way the rest of the Zhengdong CBD is rapidly attracting businesses and residents, I can’t doubt it.

60 Minutes filmed in this mall for their “China ghost city” segment which aired on March 3, 2013. They used this mall as evidence that China’s ever inflating real estate bubble is about to burst, but here at Vagabond Journey we’re not so easily convinced. We are also not afraid to usurp our own journalistic narrative here and admit that there is a much larger mall right next to this one that is full of stores and appears to be thriving. It is not difficult to envision the same happening here.

But, as of now, the Orient Center remains a ghost mall. Have a look:

Chinese ghost mall photo gallery

Click on the thumbnails to view a larger image with a more in-depth description.

Now watch a video

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