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Top Attractions of the Amalfi Coast

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Italy coast

It goes without saying that every nook and corner of the Italian Peninsula has its charms. But when you hear the name of the Amalfi Coast, a fantastic panorama of multi-colored towns and picturesque cliffs and mountains immediately pops before your eyes. So it’s no surprise that Amalfi Coast tours continue to be a hot favorite for thousands of people all over the world, including Hollywood celebrities who choose to vacation to this paradise every summer. Although the coast is widely known for its posh restaurants and luxury hotels, it has a lot in store to overwhelm even the most sophisticated traveler.

Towns to fall in love with

Those who have never visited the Amalfi Coast before should consider starting their Southern Italy tour from exploring the charming historic towns. The first point on the route which is definitely worth the ride is Amalfi, the main town of this fascinating region. Its spirit captivates from the very first minutes, but what really stuns each and every person visiting this place is the Duomo di Amalfi, a 9th-century Roman Catholic cathedral which conserves the ancient spirit and has a majestic appearance.

Another excellent stop to put on your must-travel list is Spoleto. Apart from breathtaking 12-14th-century sights, any traveler is welcome to take part in the annual summer Festival dei Due Mondi which is a great opportunity to get the taste of national Italian music, theatre and dance performances.

However, your tour to Italy and to the Amalfi Coast in particular won’t be complete without visiting legendary Positano. Being located on a high cliff, the village represents a dramatic colorful spot seen from the sea. Its narrow cozy streets, multi-colored Mediterranean houses, the crystal blue colors of the sea and the dizzying heights will take your breath away.

Furthermore, the Amalfi Coast has many more destinations to choose from such as Sorrento that overlooks the waters of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius; Ravello, a remarkable place for relaxation and relishing the best views on the coast; and, of course, Salerno, the largest town of the region that represents an extraordinary mixture of the old and the modern.

The Ferriere Valley

Even the most inveterate travelers can sometimes get tired of the hustle and bustle of crowded Italian towns but the Amalfi Coast has a unique place that can become a real breath of fresh air and a shelter from the Italian sun’s heat. The Ferriere Valley is a natural reserve in the province of Salerno which is appreciated by those who enjoy hiking and staying outdoors. Once you climb a rocky path through the luscious forest, stunning natural scenery of beautiful waterfalls opens before your eyes.

The Emerald Cave

The Emerald Cave, also known as Grotta dello Smeraldo, is one more natural wonder set in the charming bay of Conca dei Marini that’s worth visiting. Often called a gem of the Amalfi, the place has a special vibe: inside the cave is filled with stalactites, stalagmites and mysterious green light which creates a fairy tale atmosphere. There’s no doubt that visiting this natural masterpiece will become an unforgettable experience, so keep in mind that the recommended time for visiting is early afternoon as it’s the best time to enjoy the whole palette of colors.

Sirenuse Islands

Another place in the surroundings of the Amalfi, shrouded in myths, is the Sirenusas archipelago that is made up of little islands located between the Isle of Capri and southwest of Positano. This small island chain is named after the mythological Sirens who supposedly lived there many years ago. Moreover, the Sirenusas islands of Gallo Lungo, Isca, La Castelluccia, Vetara and La Rotonda are uninhabited which adds some special charm and mysteriousness to the board trip around them. By the way, the surrounding waters are perfect for snorkelling so you can also be able to savor the amazing scenery of local marine life.

Delicious must-taste local food

The Amalfi Coast remains one of the top destinations of Italy not only due to its stunning landscapes but because of its delicious national cuisine as well. Each Italian region is fiercely proud of their local dishes and the Amalfi is not an exception, so when exploring the beauty of the region, make sure to make stops at some restaurants and dedicate a night to relishing the best typical delicacies.

What you should know is that this coast boasts one of the best fish cuisine in the world that’s why it would be a serious mistake to miss the opportunity to try the famous ‘scialatielli ai frutti di mare’, fresh pasta with seafood; shrimp and citrus ‘risotto’ or salted sauce from the best Italian anchovies ‘colatura’.

Still keeping Italian cheese making tradition, the region abounds in variety of cheese so trying local ricotta, fiordilatte and provola with the scent of herbs is another must.

Sweet teeth also won’t be disappointed at all as Amalfi is swarming with talented pastry chefs, ready to lavish you with their delicious desserts. The air of the coast smells like the sea, freshness and … lemons! This sunny fruit is used in many local recipes, especially in desserts. The most famous one is perhaps ‘delizie al limone’, a mouth-watering sponge cake filled with lemon cream which won’t leave anyone indifferent.

And, of course, any meal can’t dispense without the classic of classics, the world famous lemon liqueur ‘Limoncello’ which remains the calling card of the Amalfi and whole Italy.

All in all, the Amalfi Coast is a perfect destination for a memorable adventure. Plus, if you’re planning a full-fledged Italy getaway, the sun-kissed Amalfi Coast fits perfectly as an extension of Tuscany tours. Italy is an amazing country that offers a myriad of attractions and makes you fall in love with it from first sight, so are you ready to hit the road?


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