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Top 7 camping activities for your next long weekend

What to do when camping.


Let’s be honest here, most of us spend our weekdays cooped up in cubicles these days, and weekends are not very different either as we move from an office screen to a personal one. However, the ongoing pandemic has driven public attention towards the importance of outdoor hobbies and their effects on mental and physical well-being. And, while we’re on the topic of going out and about, it would be criminal not to bring up camping: the global darling of recreational enthusiasts. Enjoying stunning views, weather, food, and a rare sense of calm would be an ideal stress reliever for anyone. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of why camping should be on top of your do list when you finally have time to kick back and relax:  

A nice little Picnic and Bonfire

Being away from the city in a calm natural setting will allow you to relax and enjoy simple activities with your family and friends. Having a picnic in pleasant weather during the day while admiring the views is an excellent leisurely way to spend your time. You can set up a fire during the night and sit by the fire while enjoying the night view with your companions and fellow campers. To add some spice to the night, you can also have a barbecue under the open sky. It would be an excellent way to relax and relieve stress from the week’s hard work.

Exploring and Hiking

A campsite can act as a base to jump off and explore the park attractions and hiking trails for those with a more adventurous spirit. Camping in the heart of a natural park puts you in the prime spot to explore the beauty that nature has to offer. Hiking is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in nature and distance yourself from the noise of the world. Whether it is rivers, mountains, lakes, forests, or plains, it will be an experience for you to remember. Each offers a different experience and challenge as well. The campgrounds in Tennessee, located in the smoky mountains, are one of the few campsites that can connect you with a diverse range of natural terrains, including the famous Little Pigeon River. In addition, there are day-hikes that you can undertake to explore the different hiking trails in a particular region. You can go on most day-hikes without a guide, but if you don’t have experience or are with family, it is best to take up the services of a park guide. Most campsites offer guide services alongside hiking sticks that you can rent for your hike. In addition, some camps provide bicycles cycling around the park. There are separate trails for cyclers to ensure they have a safe and pleasant experience exploring and cycling.

Swimming in Natural Waters

If you are a swimming enthusiast, a weekend getaway to a campsite is perfect for you. Natural parks with lakes, steady rivers, and private beaches are beautiful spots for you to do what you love in natural waters. In the right weather, swimming in natural waters can be pretty beneficial for your body and an experience to remember. Being able to swim in waters while surrounded by greenery, mountains, and wildlife is an exhilarating experience and one you will surely love. It will also expand your horizons as a swimmer and give you a unique swimming experience in natural waters, especially lakes and rivers. Another factor you should consider is that you wouldn’t have to share the water with crowds as you would in public pools and beaches. You will experience having the place to yourself to do what you love. 

Sightseeing and Photography

Campsites in natural parks are often located near tourist attractions easily accessible by foot or a rented vehicle. You can explore the local shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions and enjoy the local offerings. You can also buy souvenirs for yourself and your friends and family back home. If you are a photography enthusiast, you can take the time to roam the places around the campsites freely and take exquisite shots of the surrounding beauty. Summer and spring are ideal weathers for this as you will get the most spectacular view of the fauna and the landscapes in these months.


Camping is an excellent way for you to explore your passion for stargazing. Stargazing is an activity that one can only do in isolated natural environments far away from the city and artificial lights. To do this, you can choose a campsite with the grandest view of the sky and set yourself up for the night. You will have to set up your equipment, such as the telescope, and stay awake to enjoy the mesmerizing night sky. Most campsites offer services that support this activity by separating these campsites as these campsites will have minimal light at night to allow for the best view of the stars.

Outdoor Sports and Games

Camping and outdoor sports and games go very well together. Blowing off some steam and having some outdoor fun during your camping getaway is a good idea as well. Campsites commonly facilitate and offer equipment for volleyball and badminton. Camps also provide playing areas for games such as Bocce Ball, Corn Hole, Horseshoes, and Gaga Ball. They make different yards for these to accommodate the games. These are games that you wouldn’t find in playgrounds in the city. You can play these sports and have fun with your family and kids in a pleasant natural environment and have the experience to remember. 


If you enjoy fishing, then you should consider a camping getaway. Natural parks with lakes and rivers offer you a chance to catch freshwater fish, like trout, away from the crowds in a peaceful setting. Most campsites would provide you with fishing equipment if you don’t own it. They will also offer guide services. These guides are critical as they will show you the best waters for fishing in the natural park and ensure that you don’t return to the campsite empty-handed. 

Final Thoughts

Camping is an excellent way for you to relax and relieve your stress over the weekend. Being in a natural setting is beneficial for the mind and body as you breathe clean air away from light and noise pollution. Once you are there with your family or your friends, there are several activities that you can do to spend your time leisurely. You can have picnics with bonfires and barbecues and play outdoor sports and games. You can explore the sights and take pictures for yourself and your social media accounts to share with the world. You can enjoy the hiking trails or explore the waters swimming and fishing. You can also set yourself aside to enjoy the stars as well. The park is yours when you have a suitable campsite!


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