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Top 5 Unusual Museum Buildings In The World

Take a look at some of the most interesting architecture in the world.

Museum of the Future in Dubai

Today we have collected for you a selection of cool examples of museum architecture around the world. These structures have become important objects for their cities and their culture and clearly demonstrate that for a portion of modern art, it is not even necessary to go inside – they are art themselves. Read more in this article below.

Museum of the Future, UAE

Opened just a few months ago in Dubai, it is already in the top 14 most picturesque expositions in the world. It is located in a building stylized as a silver ellipse with inscriptions in Arabic. The window letters bring to the world quotes from the statements of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Principle of work: a permanent collection of exhibits, an immersive theater, and thematic exhibitions that change in a kaleidoscope. The institution devotes its activities to promoting the technologies of future centuries, therefore, it has collected all the most innovative engineering innovations under its roof. The foundation of the fantastic collection is a priority for novelties from the world of artificial intelligence, the wonders of augmented reality, interactive pictures, and mechanisms. Already now there is a department for the younger generation, where you can learn science in a game format.

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Fondation Louis Vuitton, France

The foundation building, which resembles ice cliffs or sails, was designed by American architect Frank Gehry. The museum is located in the Jardin d’Acclimatation garden, so the architect turned to the traditional glass garden buildings that were popular in the 19th century when working on the design. Translucent edges, for which 3600 glass panels were used, play with light and reflections, and huge panoramic windows make the garden almost part of the exhibition. Harvard University recognized it as one of the most interesting examples of modern architecture to study. Inside the building – the most relevant objects of all areas of contemporary art, a public space, a restaurant, and a bookstore, on the roof – a garden and another exhibition space.

Messner Mountain Museum, Italy

The Mountaineering Museum was founded by mountaineer Reinhold Messner and designed by the legendary Zaha Hadid on a mountain in South Tyrol at an altitude of 2275 meters above sea level. Messner was the first to climb all 14 mountains above 8000 meters. The museum tells about the history, and traditions of mountaineering, its triumphs, and tragedies. The structure of the building descends into the bowels of the Kronplatz mountain, the stairs resemble cascading waterfalls, and the huge panoramic windows look out on three sides – exactly as Messner pointed out. From one you can see the Peitlerkofel peak, from the second – the Heiligkreuzkofel, and from the third – Mount Ortler and South Tyrol.

Museo Soumaya, Mexico

Museo Soumaya, Mexico

About 70.000 works of art, mostly from the 15th to the 20th century, may be found inside the Somaya Museum building, including the greatest private collection of Rodin sculptures in the entire world. If you examine the museum building’s facade attentively, you will see that it is composed of thousands of “honeycombs,” or more precisely, of mirror metal pieces. As a result, the facade changes based on the daytime, the weather, and even just where you are standing.

National Museum, Qatar

The new building of the National Museum of Qatar was designed by Pritzker Prize-winning French architect Jean Nouvel. The architect was inspired by the “desert rose” – a mineral that crystallizes in the sand. It turned out incredible: the museum building does not look like any, even the most futuristic building in the world. To get around the entire museum, you will have to see 11 galleries – and this is almost a three-kilometer step. This is a comprehensive story about the history of the peninsula and its present. The area around the Qatar National Museum is designed no worse than the main building: there is a landscape park and as many as 114 fountains, which are made in the style of Arabic calligraphy.

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