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Top 10 Romantic Trip Ideas for Couples

Where to go with your significant other.

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Romantic getaways are important for keeping relationships healthy, and they are a great opportunity to reconnect with your partner. This is especially true in times of turmoil or when you’re in the throes of parenthood and unable to spend quality time together like you used to.

Just go ahead and plan a romantic trip to show your appreciation for one another, strengthen your relationship, and grow together as a couple. No special reason is necessary.

1. Relax on the Mexican Riviera

With plenty of beaches, cocktails, and boat rides, a trip like this stands for relaxation. Keep in mind that relaxation is sometimes all it takes to make things better, and nothing good ever came out of being tense.

2. Take a romantic trip to New England

Find a rustic, intimate spot in a lakeside inn, camp under the stars, or opt for a luxury stay at a spa resort. Whether you are into cozy B&Bs in the mountains, or 5-star resorts that cater to all your needs, there is something for all budgets and tastes in either Maine or Vermont.

3. Let fun and adventure meet in a week-long Alaskan cruise

The relaxing experience of specialty dining and drinking is topped by adventurous shore excursions and activities that bond couples and make life-lasting memories. A nice cruise to Alaska might be all you two need to get back on track, and prices can be really attractive as well.

4. Escape for a few days in the Bahamas

If you only have three or four days to spare, head to Half Moon Cay or Nassau. Sunsets there are amazingly romantic. You can relax on a catamaran or even enjoy a VIP beach experience on a private island.

5. Road trip along the Pacific Coast

If Florida is too far away, consider a couples road trip from San Diego to Vancouver. You can go whale watching in Santa Barbara, experience Victoria from a horse-drawn trolley, or simply enjoy a few days together in the car taking in all of the views.

6. Venture to the Southern Caribbean

For all the sun and sand lovers out there, the warm sea on the Dutch side of St Maarten could be the key for unwinding and letting all worries wash away. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of St Lucia’s countryside, experience a submarine ride in Barbados, or delve into the natural tropical rain forest of Martinique. Equally exciting and romantic, that’s for sure.

7. Share the Mediterranean romance

Trips to Europe are a wonderful gift, but it’s best to leave overrated Paris behind and opt instead for a romantic cruise around the Mediterranean in one of the Silversea cruises. Visit Venice, Naples, Cannes, Barcelona, and let yourselves be charmed by the Greek and Croatian coasts.

8. Have a taste of the British countryside

Pick any place you want in the Cotswolds, Sussex, or Somerset, and get ready to be immersed into a peaceful fantasy world with medieval villages, low hills, and cobbled streets. Have some relaxing evenings together, with bubble baths and champagne, away from life’s bustle.

9. Sleep under the Northern Lights

If you had “see the Northern Lights” on your bucket list, look no further, as they are perfect for a romantic getaway. Whether you choose Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, or Greenland, there is a cozy cabin or bubble tent out there to provide you two with breathtaking views and a love spark.

10. Admire the Norwegian fjords

Take in the natural beauty of the longest and deepest fjords on our planet, visit waterfalls, and relax with a nice glass of homemade cider. However, if Europe is too far or expensive for what you have in mind, you can always trust versatile Alaska to check your boxes for romance and passion, closer to home.


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