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  • Portable Stove That is Used to Cook and Sell Food in the Streets of China

    TAIZHOU, China- I was quickly overtaken in the streets by an old woman with a bamboo yoke over her shoulders bearing loads attached at both ends. These yokes — which are essentially just a split piece of bamboo that has attachments or rope at each end — are used to transport all manner of goods [...]

  • Screw Pop Tool Review

    This nifty little tool is brought to us from Screwpoptool for the bargain price of $5.95 if you buy direct from the Screwpoptool website or prices vary from other retailers. This clever little gadget which fits easily onto a keyring and weighs only 2 ounces contains: Phillips Screwdriver #2 Flat head Screwdriver #2 1/4” Hex. [...]

  • Blacksmiths in Urfa Turkey

    Blacksmiths in Urfa Turkey Video I was walking through the market in Sanliurfa when I came upon a section that was reserved for blacksmiths. I watched for a moment as a man ordered a shovel to be made by hand over an open flame. I asked if I could make a video, and the blacksmith [...]