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Tips for Taking Your RV Through Colorado

What you need to know to live on the road.


Colorado is one of the best states for a road trip. There is so much to see and it’s such a large state that you’ll spend plenty of time driving around and never get tired of the scenery. A great way to experience Colorado is by taking your RV across the state. Below, we’ll offer a few tips you can use to make this experience even better.

Know the Best Campgrounds

Before you start taking your RV out around Colorado, it can help to know some of the best campgrounds. Parking your RV at a campground when you’re looking for a place to stay is the safest option available. Not only that, but when you park at a campground, you’ll likely find other travelers there along with you and you can make some new friends. Take some time to research the best RV campgrounds in Colorado, then add them to your route. If possible, you should also look to book your spot in advance, as this ensures you have a place to park when you arrive. To do this, you can use sites such as Reserve America (https://www.reserveamerica.com/articles/camping/the-best-rv-parks-and-campgrounds-in-colorado).

Check the Weather and Roads

Driving around Colorado in an RV can be a little dangerous. This is in part because of the winding, mountain roads, along with the unpredictable weather conditions. Every time you get in your RV to drive, you should take a minute to check the weather forecast. This can tell you if it’s a good time to drive or if you’re better off waiting for a storm to pass. While you’re doing this, also check the road conditions along your intended route. There are many travel apps that can alert you to problems along the road, which you can use to plan an alternate route if necessary.

Pack Emergency Supplies

Even if you prepare very well, something unforeseen can happen along the way. There may be a sudden storm, smoke from a forest fire, or you might get a flat tire. Since you can’t plan for every situation, the best thing you can do is pack plenty of emergency supplies to stay safe in an RV. Make sure you have supplies to help with common RV issues, like a dead battery or a flat tire. Then pack some supplies that you might need in case you have to pull over and wait out a storm for a while, such as spare food and water. Finally, it’s a good idea to pack a first aid kit to help with any injuries you may experience along the way.

Follow the 3/3/3 Rule

To keep yourself fresh while you’re driving around Colorado, there’s a common rule among RVers called the 3/3/3 Rule. This rule offers guidelines for when you should travel, how far you should travel, and how often you should travel. It states that you shouldn’t travel more than 300 miles in a day, that you arrive at your destination by 3 p.m. and that you stay at each location for at least three days. By following this rough guideline, you can help to ensure that you’re not traveling too much in one day and that you’re not arriving at your campgrounds after dark. You’ll also get a better experience from each place if you stay a little longer, rather than just packing up after a day.

Wake Up for the Sunrise

Finally, our last tip is that you try to wake up for the sunrise every morning. No matter where you are in Colorado, you’ll likely have some spectacular sunrises if you wake up on time. One of the great things about RVs is that you have your bed with you. So, if waking up for the sunrise is a little early for you, you can always take a nap afterward. Seeing the sunrise from a new location is a great way to start your days so we highly recommend you make this a priority as you’re traveling.

Great Trips Start with Preparation

If you want to have a good time taking your RV through Colorado, the best way to ensure this is by doing some preparation. This means booking spots at good campgrounds, checking the weather before you go, and packing some emergency supplies. Some people feel that one of the best parts of owning an RV is the freedom it provides, allowing them to travel wherever they want when they want. However, we’ve found that a little preparation can make things go a lot smoother. Take some time to plan things out before you get behind the wheel and you’ll likely be glad you did.

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