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Tips for Students: How to Travel and Study Well at the Same Time

Being on the road doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your education.

The ever-popular dream of studying and traveling can become a reality if you know how to plan right! Although there are those who believe that full-time travel and further studies is an unrealistic goal, we’ve got the key to how you can arrange a future full of adventures while you get your undergrad or master’s degree.

There are hundreds of jobs for students all over the world that adapt well to different schedules and can help young people gain experience and a little extra cash as they plough through their degree. But there are also other ways to enjoy the unique experience to study and travel at the same time which doesn’t just involve planning your holiday time wisely. Check out these top tips for students to get the most out of their time spent traveling while studying.

Part time study

The first option that comes to mind is the opportunity that many students have to turn their degree into a part-time degree which allows them to spend more time either working or traveling or both simultaneously.

Due to the flexibility of some courses, students can arrange to travel part of the year and attend school presentially for another part of the year. Part-time degree courses also allow students to work part-time or even full-time in some cases.

It’s important to remember that with this kind of arrangement for further education, students must be highly dedicated and be able to pace themselves in relation to what their course requires.

Online degrees

Nowadays there are more and more universities and colleges that offer flexible online degrees, permitting students to travel and study from any point on the globe.

The freedom and independence this offers young people who want to continue studying but don’t feel that college life is the right fit for them, means they can complete their degree while fulfilling other dreams of traveling and getting to know more parts of the world.

It is essential that students who take on an online degree maintain a balance of hard work, self-motivation, time management and smart planning. This is why it is vital that any student wishing to study while traveling chooses a course that is fit for their personal and professional needs and interests. If the course you decide to undertake doesn’t awake a passionate urge to learn, you could easily become distracted by a life on the road or other opportunities that pop up along the way.

A sure-fire way to maintain focus is by using an online assignment helper for the extra workload but make sure to find the best essay writing service for your requirements.


Another excellent resource available to students with a desire to travel and study at the same time is the possibility of exchanges. This includes student university exchanges like Erasmus within Europe, work placements and voluntary experiences which revolve around the degree you’re studying.

The chance to combine travel with the field of study in some way allows students to visit places that correspond to their programs, continue to learn and gain valuable transferable skills in the process. Also, you never know what kind of future opportunities could arise from such an experience.

There are many overseas study options available to willing students either directly through their college or with international organizations, as well as the typical study semester abroad.

General Tips for Student Travelers

Once you’ve decided on the perfect method for you to travel and study at the same time, there are certain aspects you should keep in mind during your planning stages and when you’re out and about:

Firstly, wherever you plan on visiting, remember to always ensure your accommodation offers a stable, free Internet connection.

Although the best idea is to always travel light so you can avoid carrying around too many heavy bags, for students this can sometimes be complicated if there are certain compulsory books for their course.

Additionally, there will always be tools and technology that can help you to stay connected and on top of all your assignments such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, chargers, etc.

Don’t forget to take your student card with you so you can benefit from discounts on travel, accommodation, attractions, even shopping wherever you are in the world.

Remember to plan around your schedule by factoring in exam periods, when coursework is due and other deadlines as well as any times you need to attend online lectures, etc.

With these tips in mind, students can make the most of their time traveling and studying and get the best of both worlds without having to decide.

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