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Tips for solo female travelers in San Francisco

Where to go and what to do in San Francisco.

San Francisco

Gone are the days when you could restrict women in the kitchen. Now, it is no longer a restriction but a choice. Women can choose to remain in the kitchen, sleep all day, look after their children, work in the office, or travel around the world. However, one of the biggest concerns of modern society is women’s safety. Read on to find out if San Francisco is a safe destination for solo female travelers.

To begin with, San Francisco is undoubtedly the safest place for solo female travelers who wish to explore the unknown. The city is stunning with its exceptional panoramic views and pretty sights. If you are someone who is looking for a fantastic time away from the stress of your annoying boss or family pressure, then this is it. Find some quick tips and start packing already. What are you waiting for when you have San Francisco luggage storage?

Don’t miss out on an early morning walk

If you are flying into San Francisco from the Eastern side, then there is a high chance that you will be waking up early each day because of your jet-lag. So, why not use this to start your day early and explore San Francisco at one of its prettiest times?

Woman on scooter

An early morning walk during the Karl fog is going to be an unforgettable experience that you will cherish for years to come. The city looks different at different times of the day, and you are recommended to make a time-lapse video. With San Francisco luggage storage, everything looks simpler.

How about a ferry ride to Alcatraz?

Alcatraz is an eminent prison-island where you are bound to have a thrilling time. Solo female travelers who are looking for touristy spots to click the best of pictures must head here. It has been a top pick for social media bloggers who are looking to expand their base of followers. But, is it possible to explore this exotic location with so many bags on yourself? No, not at all! Thus, you should try out San Francisco luggage storage that has been useful for many years now.

Chinatown is a must-visit

San Francisco ChinatownAlmost every top city has a Chinatown. Chinese settlers can be found across the globe, and this is great because their fancy, colorful, and vibrant vibes instill instant happiness. Here, solo female travelers in San Francisco can browse through the shops, cafes, and attractive markets. If you are a tea lover, then Vital Tea Leaf has amazing tea-tasting sessions. Head over to this locale after dropping extra baggage at San Francisco luggage storage.

Oh, let’s get the margaritas out today!

Do you love margaritas? Have you already made brunch plans to get them drinks out? Does the mention of the salted rim make you drool already? Calvera in Oakland has the best plethora of margaritas with salted tops. The salt clouds they create are one of a kind, and you will not find them anywhere in the world. I hope you have taken down notes!

Have you heard of the Castro Theatre?

Castro TheaterBeing the focal point of the gay community, this is the best place for you to ditch your inhibitions and sing along with them to fancy tunes. All kinds of special events are organized at the theatre, and everyone is welcome to join. Remember to charge your phone so that you can show the world that homosexuals are also humans, and it is entirely natural to fall in love, irrespective of gender. The best singalong events are Moana, Annie, and Grease. Thus, pick wisely.

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