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Tips for Choosing the Right Travel Gear for Your Next Trip

What you need to travel the world.

Travel gear

When you’re a traveler, one big choice is picking the best luggage. It can be the difference between a relaxed, fun journey and one full of problems. As a result, you aim to make your travel expeditions as smooth as possible. That big family suitcase may not cut it anymore. It may get the job done in some cases but you get tired of putting up with huge luggage every time you plan a getaway. At a time when travel gear has gotten sleek, fashionable and trendy, you need travel gear that gets the job done and reflects your style and personality. Here‘s a guide to help you choose the right gear for your next destination.

Think About Your Style of Travel

Before you choose your luggage, you need to know the kind of trip you are taking. Luggage has gotten expensive and you need a bag that will serve its purpose and last a long time. You will need a big rucksack when going backpacking so you can have everything within reach. A suitcase will be more suitable if you plan on staying at a resort or hotel during your vacation. A duffle bag sounds good for a road trip.

You should also factor in how you intend to get to your accommodation from your point of arrival. You need luggage that will easily get through the process. Most people prefer the Tortuga suitcase backpack combo that offers the convenience of a hiking pack and space you would only find in a suitcase. Whether you hail down a taxi from the airport or take public transport, you won’t have to worry about pulling a huge suitcase through airport crowds to get to your hotel.

Check the Parts Attached to the Luggage

Most people fail to appreciate that the safety of luggage can sometimes depend on the parts it has. Before buying luggage for your trip, be sure to check for any protruding parts. Some travel gear come with spinner wheels sticking out from the bottom or handles that cannot completely retract into the bag.

Any part that sticks out of your bag can get caught between other bags or even the luggage carousels potentially causing damage to your luggage. Most airlines do not accept liability for any damage so you need to ensure that you choose a safe bag before departure. Make sure you go for one with the least amount of protruding parts.

Choose the Ideal Material

Most travel bags are either made from soft shell or hard shell material. Soft shell materials are hard to break and can serve you for a long time. However, they can easily let water sip through the seams. If you choose this material, look for a bag that has an inner layer made from waterproofing material.

Hard shell travel bags are viewed as a safer option. However, the hard shell can crack under pressure which is common in the cargo section at airports. Your decision when choosing the material will depend mostly on your personal preferences.

Ease of Access

Picture this. You take a trip and have two different bags; one that only opens from the top and another that opens like a suitcase. If you have to get something from the very bottom of both bags, you will have an easier time with the latter over the former.

However, ease of access is not just a consideration when traveling with backpacks. It also comes into play when choosing a suitcase or duffle bag as they can present the same challenges. When packing a suitcase, you may want to consider using packing cubes so you know exactly where to find a specific item without throwing out everything.

Consider the Size

The size depends on the kind of trip. Backpackers generally want to carry as little weight as possible as they traverse different terrain. Look for a light rucksack with secure straps and multiple compartments to fit everything you need for your trip.

For duffle bags and suitcases, take time to check what the airline allows you to bring. Many airlines have specific rules for the physical size of luggage you can bring on a flight. The same applies to cruises and tours. Make sure you go through the fine print before you start packing.

The weight is equally important. You want to travel as light as possible while bringing everything necessary to make your trip memorable. The airline will always indicate the maximum allowance in the fine print but it may vary depending on your destination.

Always go for the Safe Option

Moving around a lot can make you a target for thieves. Make sure to pick bags with strong zippers and anti-theft stuff. It’s best if you opt for luggage with strong straps so you can keep it on your body all the time. The material should be tough to break into.


Your travel experience starts with picking the right gear but this is not always easy. There is no shortage of options at all price points and this can make it daunting to settle for one. Here are six easy tricks to help you for sure find the best choice.


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