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Three Ways To Be A Better Nurse

Nursing is one way to travel the world and get paid too.

No matter what area of nursing that you choose to specialize in, the core principle and responsibility is the same: to provide high-quality health care at the bedside to your patients. It is a challenging role, but the important thing is to remain calm, professional and above all else, caring at all times. It is a job that continually evolves, thanks to new developments in the healthcare world and technology, so it is essential that you regularly sit down and think about the things that you need to do to become an even better nurse.

1) Be people-focused, not task focused.

A satisfactory nurse concentrates entirely on the task in hand. A good nurse concentrates on his or her patient. Your patients may be anxious, upset and frightened, and it is absolutely essential that you maintain a personal connection with them, to reassure them and keep them feeling safe and in control. If you do that, the task will become an awful lot easier.

When you are dealing with a patient, they should be your absolute priority. Forget the other ones for those few moments and let them know your whole attention is on them. Make eye contact from the moment that you walk into their room or approach their bedside, and ask them how they are feeling. Greet them by their preferred name, remind them who you are and keep them informed at each step as to what you are doing, if possible. While you are gathering information or explaining something to them, sit down – being at eye level is a lot more reassuring.

2) Enhance your skills

You should be being offered on the job training and career development from your employer, but sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands and go for it. When looking for work in drug and alcohol rehab in Los Angeles, many nurses decide to go for a DNP, to give them increased knowledge and skills. There is plenty of information online to help you think about the course and give you answers to why get a DNP. If that is not an avenue available to you at the present time, you can do your own research into latest guidelines and information, and you can ask your manager to signpost you to more training courses to make sure that you have the proper skills when you need to help patients use stairlifts.

3) Ask For Help When You Need It

This sounds straightforward, but for the safety of your patients, it is incredibly important. It is a lot easier to do this when you are new to the profession, but once you have been in the job for a few years and are more set in your ways, it can be a lot more difficult to bite the bullet and ask for help and advice when you need it. Remember, no one can possibly know everything, and even the most highly qualified doctors and surgeons need to ask for help once in a while. It is much better for everyone to ask for help rather than making a decision that can hurt your patient.


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