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Three Virtual Tours That Will Give A Fresh New Twist To Your Classic Christmas Holiday

Get yourself some good internet and check out these virtual tours.


This holiday season if you are cooped up at home with nowhere to go, don’t make it a total bummer! While the pandemic is primarily to blame for this massive shift, especially the way we celebrate holidays today, staying at home has become almost permanent with the different variants of the pandemic making it difficult for us to meet our loved ones the way we once used to. However, while the pandemic has been unkind to us in many ways, it has also led to the rise of virtual utilities that have made staying at home an absolute joy!

So, whether you are working from home, even during the holidays, or simply spending your day in bed, bingeing on the latest season of your favorite TV show, we recommend you take these virtual tours and simply enjoy the miraculous advancement of technology, available from the comfort of your bed! While social distancing has been the need of the hour, it has led to the wonderful rise of virtual tourism, where you get an opportunity to travel the world free. However, simply just visiting the website or downloading the app is not enough, especially when you have signal issues and an internet that never picks up speed!

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Below are virtual tours that will give a fresh new twist to your Christmas holiday: 

The Best One: HeyGo

HeyGo offers excellent virtual tours that become alive with interaction with tour guides and co-watchers. The viewer gets an opportunity to experience a real-life sightseeing experience that anyone can join for free. A new user is only granted access to the website after they have registered themselves as a user. This website is popular among travel goers as viewers get first-hand access to virtual live tours. As a registered viewer, you can join one live tour that you can watch at your convenience on your laptop.

The website also gives you a chance to chat with fellow travelers or simply change camera angles so you can easily take photos of the scenery in front of you. On a side note, if you are interested in visiting their previous tours, you can simply browse through their archive section. Apart from this, all their future tours are listed on their website calendar, so if you plan to join, it will provide you with one of the virtual travel experiences that you will ever have!

The Enjoyable One: 4K Street-View Walks Of Major Cities On YouTube

If you are into YouTube, then this virtual tour is for you! It becomes an even bigger treat if you have a large screen to view the tour. While most of these channels shoot 4K videos of walking tours through major tourist destinations, most of these videos are available for free. Furthermore, you can also use these videos as background views as you go on about your day.

These virtual tourism videos are often unfiltered and unedited. Besides walking tours, there are driving tours, and even full-city exploration tours, where the camera captures busy tourist spots amidst their daily hustle and bustle. In addition to this, you will get to hear all the sounds and sights of the busy city in all its glory on the big screen, hence this will be a great virtual travel experience if due to the pandemic, you had to curb the traveler in you!

The Fantastic One: Gez.la and Virtouroso (Web): Directories of Matterport and Other Virtual Tours

Gez La includes a wide variety of options for the average user to choose from. Its directory includes 150+ free virtual tours of historical places, museums, aquariums, theme parks, and zoos. While the best free online virtual tours are curated by these, these virtual tours also include live webcams of interesting spots that you can simply visit from home. An interesting bit of information is that a large number of these virtual tours are made by Matterport, which is known to be one of the best apps for creating virtual tours and is extensively used by top video makers.

Final Thoughts…

Whether you want to opt for physical travel or are in favor of virtual tourism, the global population has been spoilt for choice. While physical travel will always captivate audiences and continue to be a truly mesmerizing experience, the pandemic has curbed free travel for now.

Even though borders continue to remain closed or fluctuate as per the guidelines to cease the spread of the epidemic, physical travel will always be our choice. But while our options for free-living are restricted, why not enjoy the reality presented to us on the virtual platform. After all, for now, that will suffice.

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