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Three Great Things To Do In Dublin…That Don’t Involve Guinness

How to enjoy Dublin while staying sober.


Dublin is one of the best-loved cities on the planet. For a variety of reasons. Firstly, there are the people. The friendliest bunch you’ll ever meet. Then there’s the culture and the atmosphere of the place. 

Of course, then there’s the Guinness. But that’s not for everyone. While a big part of Dublin’s charm is its pub culture, not everyone is a drinker, in fact it can be a difficult place to go for those suffering from alcoholism, with an alcohol detox intervention perhaps required before even arriving on the Emerald Isle. For families as well, young children don’t want to be sat in the pub all day.

So what can you do in Dublin’s fair city that doesn’t involve a Guinness and a pub? Well, there’s plenty going on…

Explore Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is one of the largest enclosed parks of any European capital city and was originally formed as a hunting park. However, there are no shots fired anymore, and you can enjoy watching the deer roam free.

It’s the perfect spot for a picnic, while hiring bikes and enjoying the many activities there can also be an ideal way to spend the afternoon.

Go to jail!

A fun spot for families to enjoy is the Kilmainham Gaol Museum, which tells the story of the uprisings and the notable inmates that once were locked away in the cells. It’s been beautifully restored and kids get a real kick exploring the jail.

For the adults, it’s incredibly interesting and gives you a real sense of Dublin’s history. You may even recognize it, with the jail having appeared in a number of films, including The Italian Job, Paddington 2 and The Escapist.

A boat trip along the Liffey

Running through the heart of Dublin is the River Liffey and you can get an excellent view of each side of the city by taking a boat tour. There are many on offer, with many starting by the Docklands, with guided tours giving you a history of the city, while the kids can wave away at the drinkers in the riverside pubs enjoying a pint of the black stuff.

The prices are always quite reasonable on these trips and there’s lots to see along the way, making it a great way to really capture the beauty of the Irish capital


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