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Things to do while traveling in the UK

The best that the UK has to offer.

The United Kingdom is a hub of history and culture, having impacted the world in so many ways. Including England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, this sovereign state has made great contributions in art, technology, sports, global politics, and literature.

There are many things to do when on a trip to London. Truthfully, there cannot be one single answer to this question, and when asking English people, they would each have a different set of activities that they swear would make your experience the most fulfilling.

Taking these different opinions into consideration, the most iconic thing to see in the UK could be The London Eye. One of the most romantic things for couples to do in London is to take a thirty-minute turn in the Giant Ferris wheel. This colossal piece of engineering just off the river Thames is one of the most famous and popular places to visit in the United Kingdom. A trip to the English heartland is wasted without an excursion here. Standing at around 135 meters, the observation capsules along the circumference of this great circle provide picturesque panoramic views of the London skyline. At night, the dancing pin-pricks of light against the black backdrop of the night sky can be especially memorable to see.

If you wish for something calm and serene, The Roman Baths, situated in the historic city of Bath, are just the place. These relics of by-gone times were built by the Roman Empire around 1 AD. The original structures were constructed around the natural hot water springs in the areas, which created an especially soothing atmosphere. The ambience of Bath wasn’t just special to the Romans, though. Even as late as the Victorian Era, aristocrats with a need to unwind or seek a change of atmosphere from the stuffy air of London would travel to Bath to spend a month or two in absolute relaxation.

The historical significance of the area is still felt today, with the remains of the temple dedicated to the Roman goddess Sulis Minerva, as well as under-the-floor heating systems capturing the imaginations of visitors. Though the waters now are filled with algae due to continuous exposure to the sun, tourists can still have a truly Roman experience and bath like the Romans in the nearby Thermae Bath Spa.

Not done with history? Don’t forget to visit Arthur’s seat. Located in the famous Scottish capital of Edinburgh, this iconic British site in Holyrood Park is one of the best things to visit while in the Kingdom. Requiring more than a little physical strength and endurance to do the climb, the seat is an extinct volcano. From up top, the view of the town is simply breathtaking, making the climb and sweat totally worthwhile.

In addition to the splendid view and complementary exercise, the park is also house to one of the oldest forts in the area, the natural surroundings making it seem like one has stepped through a pile of stones into Jamie’s Scotland (sigh). If you’re in a big group, why not hire a coach from Mayday.

Coming out of the past, do you wish for something a bit more modern, but still steeped in culture. Perhaps the House of Parliament is the place you seek. One doesn’t imagine dodgy old politicians holding tedious debates as they play with the fate of the world could be an attraction, but when the meetings are being held at the Palace of Westminster, you could try to excuse the statesmen and -women. The British parliament houses many artefacts, ranging from different periods of English history.

While in the area, do not miss out on seeing the Big Ben and St. Stephen’s Chapel. Another well-known attraction here is the Westminster Abbey, with the royal church next door, now a World Heritage site.

Now that we are done with historical landmarks, how about visiting a place with strong links to fantasy? One of the most fun things to do while in the Kingdom is to visit the King’s Cross station and perhaps take a train. It doesn’t matter where you take the train to, as long as it leaves from between platforms 9 and 10. This might seem childish, but as Harry Potter has grown to become a cultural phenomenon, perhaps an era-defining series, the significance of platform 9 3/4 cannot be overlooked.

Besides, J.K. Rowling got the idea for the Harry Potter series on a train from King’s Cross, so perhaps you could have your own great stroke of genius here. The station sure has a mysterious feel to it, so maybe the magic of it could touch you too.

London has something for everyone. It is unrealistic to imagine a vacation without visits to all the iconic casinos in the city, with one around every corner. Do not miss the vibrancy of the London night while in the area.

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