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Things to do in Melbourne on a weekend

The other side to Australia’s most dynamic city.

For a lot of people, the weekends are looked forward to all week. That’s because it’s an opportunity for you to trade in your stuffy corporate suits for your most comfortable shirts, and just spend some time by yourself or with your family.

All this free time could also mean an opportunity for a road trip. There is nothing quite like getting into a car and watching the scenery go from urban city to trees and greeneries.

Now, if you’re thinking about going on a vacation in a city like Melbourne, hire a car and check out some of these awesome things you can do while you are there:

Gallery Hopping

There’s nothing quite like seeing art done by professional artists. If you’re doing an art project and are stuck on inspiration, taking the time to go through the many galleries in Melbourne is sure to give you a jumpstart on ideas.

Some of the places that are a must for casual and hardcore fans alike include the National Gallery of Victoria and its vast collection of artworks from notable names like Drysdale, Rodin, and Constable. Their gallery located in St. Kilda Road is home to their premier gallery that is guaranteed to leave you in awe at the spectacle presented before you.

Get high… up on rooftops

There’s nothing like spending the weekend with your mates and getting high… up on the roofs. The city skyline will leave anyone in awe, especially as the sunsets and the lights in the buildings turn on for the night.

There’s just something about being up on the rooftops feeling the wind on your hair and imaging the lives of people living in the tiny holes of light below you.

You can check out the view from above by going to the Sky Deck at the Eureka Tower, or hit Swanson Streets’ Rooftop Bar & Cinema or Madame Brussels on Bourke Street.

Melbourne markets

Stock your fridge with the best local produce in the city. Visit the many Markets in Melbourne to get the best deals you can find on fruit and fish.
Aside from items for your fridge at home, it is also a great place to find things to add to your collection as it is also home to various second-hand items and handmade crafts.

One of the places you must check out is Queen Victoria Market. But if you want to see where not too many tourists go, then Camberwell Market is the ticket.

St Kilda foreshore

Head down to St Kilda beach and check out the fishermen and the kite-surfers by the St Kilda pier, or walk through the pavements and window shop to your heart’s content. These are free entertainment, and it’s a great way to relax as you sit in a cafe and watch the world go by.
But if you’d rather be in the thick of the action, you can check out the craft market that sets up every Sunday along the Esplanade. If you’re travelling with your kids, then the St. Kilda Adventure Playground is a must-visit destination.

Learn about the Aboriginals

We can all use to learn from history. So, why not take the opportunity to visit the Koorie Heritage Trust’s Cultural Centre located in Federation Square.

Here, you can learn about what Melbourne was like before the British came along. Another place worth checking out is the Melbourne Museum where they have exhibits that showcase information about indigenous social and cultural heritage.

The best part about visiting these museums is that they are free of charge for students and members.

These are just some of the things you can do in Melbourne on the weekend. Now, if you can’t do it all within 48 hours, you can always extend your stay or take another trip to Melbourne with your mates and enjoy your stay in the city. And when you get back to your regular lives, you will be fully recharged for another week of work and more.

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