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Things To Consider Before Moving To Thailand

How to move to Thailand.

Moving to a new place is not easy, and a new country can be even harder. Thailand offers lots of opportunities for people, and Chiang Mai very popular with digital nomads However, there are a lot of things that should be considered before moving there.

The cost of living in Thailand is reasonable. This is a place where you can live comfortably on a completely reasonable budget. The pricing of daily necessities such as food and transport is considerably low in comparison to its neighbors, and extremely low when compared to more developed[ed countries … Rent is reasonable!

However, the price of houses and the cost of living near cities is higher. People generally love living in cities hence the higher living costs. The South part of Thailand is generally more expensive than the North. Bangkok is the most expensive place to live in all Thailand.

Knowing what places suits you  is paramount. Do you want busy city life, or country life? Is access to high speed internet important? It’s good to spend some time thinking about these things; mountains, beaches, cities and small towns can all be fantastic places to live in. This wide variety is for you to choose from.

Pattaya will offer me great night experiences. The beaches of Phuket are great for relaxing and sunbathing and its amazing beach sceneries attracts many locals and visitors.

Career opportunities in Thailand offer tremendous growth; as we mentioned earlier it’s a very popular location for digital nomads and you can easily bump into entrepreneurs growing their businesses.

The salaries in Thailand are however low. Even with the low unemployment rate, people with jobs still get paid low salaries. The salaries are lower than those of most European countries and the US. Because of this most people who move here from overseas do something online related, helping them geo arbitrage cost of living .

The culture in Thailand is magnificent. Cosmopolitan cities such as Chiang Mai and Bangkok showcase the Thai culture. Their culture focuses on hospitality and te nightlife in cities such as Bangkok will offer new and amazing experiences.

Learning the language that natives speak can help ease your transition. Knowing some phrases should help you move around and is a great stepping stone for me in learning the local dialect.

Before moving there, visa options for entry and stay into Thailand needs to be considered; tourist visas are valid for 30 or 60 days.

For a longer stay, you’ll  need to have the right documentation. Work permits are required for those on longer stays in Thailand. you may need to apply for a marriage, retirement or business visa for a longer stay. This process to get your visa may take a  while, and you may need to contact my embassy during this process. An important thing is that visas may also be applied upon arrival into Thailand (though it’s not recommended).

The levels of healthcare in Thailand are great. They have hospitals that can offer low-cost treatments should you run into troubles during your travel. Medicine is generally available and can be cheaper to purchase in government hospitals and local pharmacies as compared to private hospitals. Pharmacies are stocked and available on almost any major street.

Vaccinations are necessary before visting to Thailand; Hepatitis A and B, and Typhoid vaccinations are highly recommended.

Before moving there, you might consider volunteering for a summer as it can be an eye-opener. It may give you a chance to explore the different environs and expose you to the Thai culture . You may find that you love the Thai beaches and consider moving closer to them.

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