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The YouTube Life

The new staging ground.

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The next crops of filmmakers are going to hone their styles not in the abysses of film schools but on YouTube. The platform provides something that no other medium does: the potential to build an audience, make money, and continually test the market to see what people like and what they don’t.

Well, the next crop of filmmakers are going to come from YouTube if they can only stop copying each other, realize that slow motion does not automatically equate to cinematic, and that pretty images alone don’t amount to much.

I have to admit that since I began focusing intently on film and making documentaries that I’ve been a little more focused on YouTube than I’ve been the past … well, decade or so. Previously, I’ve used YouTube as a mere form of video documentation — for moving images to augment my blog posts and articles. Now, it has become something more — it’s become my staging ground.

Through putting more effort into YouTube I’ve come to build friendships with some others who are doing the same. Most notably, I’ve reconnected with Sherry Parker, the man behind Letzuploadit, which is one of the top YouTube channels in Malaysia.

Here’s the story:


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