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The Worst Things You Can Do While Camping

How to camp the right way.

Camping in a tent on a lake

Camping is the best de-stressing outdoor activity with your friends or families. It’s the best way to explore and get closer to nature while having tons of fun and discovering yourself. However, to make or break your camping trip depends on various factors and what you do while offroad. Chances are, you cannot control what’s around you, and things can go wrong too.

Things That Can Ruin A Camping Adventure

Just the thought of camping excites a lot of people, especially outdoor enthusiasts. The preparation can be intimidating but surely be worth it. You need to have control over your comfort, fun, and safety. There are also several things that you cannot control, including and most significantly, the weather.

If you want to have the most excellent and memorable camping experience, here are some of the things you should avoid. If you will go more remote than the last time, try to use a power generator to keep you and the campsite illuminated. Expect the worse and prepare for it. Check the weather or temperature outdoors and bring enough warm clothes. Avoid doing the following things when you’re on an unfamiliar terrain too.

Reach The Campsite In The dark

Sure it’s fun and exciting camping but not as practical, safe, and convenient to set up your tent when it’s pitch black. While headlights, flashlights, or any means to illuminate your area are beneficial, you have a higher probability of tripping or missing hazardous elements around.

In case it’s inevitable, try to light the whole area and clear it from debris like rocks, sticks, or dirt. Next is to find the nearest toilet to ensure you’re all set for a fun night close to nature.

Leave Food Supply Out

Leaving your food supply in the open increases your chance of inviting animals and undesirable visitors to your campsite. To ensure no squirrels or chipmunks are making a mess on your grounds, store your food correctly and avoid placing them on your tent too.

Secure your foods and drinks on coolers, and make sure to latch them. Check area restrictions and what-not to have an idea of what to expect and can do to have a great camping experience.

Wander Alone In The Forest

Camping is done in less familiar places far from home and closer to nature. If you explore new terrain, find someone to accompany you and prevent risks or hazards you’re not comfortable dealing with or never anticipate happening.

In case you’ll go alone, inform someone where you will be heading and plans of returning. If you tell someone you’ll be hiking somewhere, they don’t sound the alarm if you didn’t come back after a couple or more hours of absence.

Annoy Co-Campers or Neighbors

People camping next to you can be your instant best buddies, helpers, or wouldn’t care about what happens to you if you become annoying. Try to be a good neighbor and avoid making loud noises, leaving the fire burning unattended, getting drunk, or driving too fast that disturbs other people.

In case you’re a little annoying, say your apologies and make a fresh start. Acknowledge what you did and learn from there. There are so many ways to have fun while outdoors.

Forget Your Warm Clothes

When outdoors, nothing is as individual as having unexpected things going on along the way, especially with the temperature and weather. While camping is best during the summer, don’t forget to bring with you warmer clothes as nights outdoors are different and colder than days.

Cold wind and rainstorms happen without a warning while outdoors, so best to prepare and bring with you something to keep you warm. Bring long sleeves and pants to prevent bugs and insects from biting you when the sun is out.

Pack Necessary Equipment 

Don’t bring anything to the campsite you have never tried before. Whether you have the latest and most expensive tent, if you don’t know how to set it upright and fast, you’ll be in huge frustration. That goes with almost any camping gear you’ll bring.

Take them off the box and figure out how they function. See if they fit with your outdoor plans before packing them up with you. Don’t bring things that you won’t need or unnecessary along the process.

In case it’s your first time setting up an “easy-to-setup-tent,” arrive at the campsite while there is plenty of time and light to figure it out.

Finally, when don’t’ forget to take along with you the basic essentials to survive and have a great time outdoors. That includes bringing your extra toilet paper supply. You’ll never know when you’ll need one.

What NOT To Do When Camping

The thought of relaxing closer to nature gives tons of campers the motivation and inspiration to plan camping once the weather is nicer and calmer. Spending some time outdoors can recharge and detoxify. However, there are standard rules you’ll need to remember.

  • Don’t bring wrong camping gear that will weigh you down.
  • Don’t leave your trash all over. As much as possible, leave no trace that you’ve been there.
  • Don’t feed wild animals nor take selfies with them.
  • Don’t abuse campsite etiquette and rules.
  • Don’t go out without your essentials and a first-aid kit.


With extra preparation and awareness, your next camping adventure will surely be memorable and fun. This gives you a chance to enjoy the outdoors, relax, and bond with your family and friends. It would help if you avoided the things mentioned above to have a great overall camping experience.

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