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The View From My Window: Rhodes, Greece

The perfect base of operations.

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RHODES, Greece- I don’t believe I’ve ever had a better place to work from. We rented an entire two-story house with a big front yard for a $500 per month. The kids can run around and play. My wife has a kitchen to cook in. I have a desk that sits right below a window to work from.

But it’s not just the window that’s the only intrigue — although I have to say that I appreciate it after years of being used to working out of dark, windowless rooms — but also the blossoming cherry trees and tree-covered Filerimos hill that rises up over them. There is a 1,500 year old monastery and the ruins of a 2,500 year old temple on top of that hill that has peacocks running running around everywhere. I can’t see this from my window, of course, but I like the fact that I know they’re up there.

I sit and I can look outside at the oncoming spring while writing about new cities and land reclamation and belts and roads … and all of that other stuff of the new-world-coming that is the polar opposite of what is right in front of me.

I like this contrast. There is nothing in my physical life here on Greece that is at all representative of my digital life. It’s really two different worlds and one is oddly easier to process when viewed from the other. I am a mountain man looking down from his hermitage writing missives for the people in the city below. Sometimes distance brings clarity.

This is why I came to Greece.


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