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The Vagabond Journey Team

Vagabond Journey Travel is a project made up of extreme budget travelers from all over the world.


Editor/ Head writer/ Founder- Wade Shepard

Intern coordinator/ Travel with children editor/ Assistant Editor- Chaya Shepard.


Motorcycle travel- Bob L
Bicycle travel- Luke Sorenson
Female travel- Jasmine Stephenson
Overland travel- Dave TLWH
Perpetual travel- Michael Robert Powell
Business travel– Rory Doolan
Teach English abroad- Loren Everly

Japan- Steve Mendoza
Mexico- Caitlin Evans

Travel Guide Researchers

Ani- Based out of Maine, Ani is a well traveled intern who contributes the product of her research to the travel guides.

Fund Raising

Rich Poulter- Working from the UK, Rich commands the fund raising wing of Vagabond Journey Travel.


Travel Gear- Rich Poulter

Public Relations/ Promotion/ Social Media task force

Travel Writers


Join the Vagabond Journey team, look for available internships and volunteer opportunities.