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The Ultimate Road Trip Essentials Checklist – Easy And Simple Guide

How to prepare to travel by car.

Car travel

A road trip is an ultimate adventure, and we all want to be prepared for it. Before you set out on a journey, there are a few things you need to think about, like packing for the trip, buying the right supplies for the route, and leaving the house at the right time. To that end, here are some essential items you’ll need for your trip of a lifetime.

Road trip

Ensure You Have The Right Vehicle For The Job

If you plan on a road trip for fun, you will need the vehicle to match. If you think that you can drive around in style in your old 1995 Toyota minivan, you have another thing coming! When you are planning a road trip, it is crucial to have the right car for the job. It needs to be comfortable, safe, and reliable. 

You should also consider the cost of your trip since gas prices can vary greatly depending on where you live. Moreover, you should get a brand that is synonymous with quality. For example, the experts at Holman Lincoln Turnersville recommend checking out their selection of Lincoln models. Lincoln has long been associated with life on the open road, and if you are in the market for one, you should make sure to visit reputable dealers who have your best interests at heart.

Get Your Vehicle Road Ready

If you already have the perfect car, you will want to get it serviced and ready for the road. Some things to check include:

  • Tires: All four tires should have plenty of tread and be free of debris. A cursory glance will tell you if they need changing. Additionally, you should check your spare tire to see if it is still roadworthy.
  • Battery: If you have owned your car for a long time and never changed the battery, it might be wise to do so. Otherwise, ensure that it can start the vehicle without issue and keep it running.
  • Fluid levels: This extends to cleaning fluids, coolant, and all other fluids required to keep the car running perfectly. You can check levels and top up yourself if they are low.
  • Oil: Oil is one of the most important aspects of keeping everything running smoothly. Unless you have downs so recently, you should change the oil.
  • Lights: Although you might not plan on driving at night, you never know what will happen. Moreover, all lights must function correctly for your car to be legally roadworthy. You can turn them all on and perform your own inspection to check everything is in order.

Remember To Bring All Relevant Documentation With You

The last thing you want to do is have to prove ownership of your vehicle down at the station if you get pulled by the police for any reason. You can avoid this if all the documentation for your car is in the glovebox. The most critical piece of documentation that you should keep in your vehicle is your vehicle registration. This document proves your car ownership and gives you legal protection against theft, accidents, and other problems.

Get Some Driving Entertainment Ready

If you are going on a long road trip, the excitement can wear thin pretty quickly unless you have some entertainment on hand. What this will be is entirely up to you and your tastes, but it can help to prepare a playlist of songs and podcasts to help you to pass the time. Furthermore, it can get lonely when all of your passengers are getting some shut-eye, so you need to find ways to keep yourself occupied and alert. In addition to entertainment, you might also think about filling a cooler with soft drinks and snacks for when you find a particularly beautiful spot to stop and admire. Beautiful scenery is always best admired with a cool drink!

Pack For Emergencies

If you fail to prepare, you should prepare to fail. That is a defining motto you should use in every aspect of your life, especially when on a long journey. Therefore, you might want to consider some of the following items that will make your life more bearable if you find yourself in an emergency:

  • Flashlight
  • Sleeping bag/ tent
  • Snacks and supplies
  • Travel pillow
  • Fold-out chair
  • Plenty of water
  • Physical map (that’s right, you can’t always rely on technology to help!)
  • First aid kit
  • Basic toiletries

While it is unlikely you will need some of these items, it is always best to be equipped for most eventualities.  

Hopefully, this checklist will get you set for your trip on the open road. Always remember that a small amount of planning can go a long way, and more than anything, remember to take your time, have fun, and enjoy the journey!

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