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The Tastiest Australian Dishes Which Each Traveler Should Taste

What to eat when traveling in Australia.

Besides being known as a favorable country for summer holidays, quality education and bouncing kangaroos, one other thing that Australia can enter the books for is for its food. As a traveler or tourist, if you are jetting to Australia anytime soon, you would want to get yourself a taste of some original Australian food. The food choices are all as Australian as it can get; some of their most popular staples taste weird, some look weird but taste awesome, and some look and taste awesome. It’s an interesting experience to have both for students and working-class people.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Aussie cuisine. Here are a few dishes you should try the next time you are there:

Anzac pastries

It’s normal for food to have some history behind it, so here we go! Anzac biscuits are made from oats, coconut chips, golden syrup and some other ingredients. During the WWI, wives would often bake these goodies for their soldier spouses and send them to the soldiers on the field. Today it’s often baked as a commemorative snack in honor of the Australian &New Zealand Army Corps, from where the savory pastries got their acronym name.

Macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts are quite versatile and eaten mostly raw or in different categories of traditional australian food, baked or steamed. It’s quite the savoury snack, and perfect for long journeys or entertaining visitors.


One of the most popular food favorites, Weetbix is enjoyed by everyone, from college students to the elderly in residential homes. Heartily packed with fiber, it often comes with a mix of dry fruits, berries or a controlled amount of sugar. It is usually eaten with milk and has been one of the countries favorite foods for a long time.


This iconic cake is often referred to as the National Cake of the country. It is considered as the perfect snack with tea and is often baked during social events like fundraiser and charity events. The cake usually has some coconut chips, jam between two halves and thick icing on the surface.

Lamb roast

This is another dish that is worth trying when here that is also available at restaurants in Gold Coast. It is very savory and delicious. It is as captivating as consulting an Australian essay writing service, knowing that you will be satisfied with the outcome and taste. The lamb is often grilled with garlic, rosemary and olive oil – a combination that produces a scent scintillating enough to draw people to it.

Tim Tam

The Tim Tam is another popular, well-loved snack enjoyed by many Aussies across the country. Consisting of two chocolate-malted biscuits with some liquid chocolate between layers and glazed all over, it’s no wonder that the snack is popular not only in Australia but around the world as well.

Dagwood dog

This sounds like a dish closely related to the American hotdog – but without the bread bun and the mustard sauce. Dagwood hotdog is a barbecued sausage on a stick, deep-fried and showered with tomato sauce before being set on the stand for people to buy. Sounds tasty.

Witchetty Grubs

Okay, now some of us aren’t very excited about protein got from insects, but these fleshy grubs have been one of the choicest food choices for the Indigenous peoples of Australia for years. One grub is said to be packed with the exact amount of protein found in a beef steak, and contrary to some opinions, it does taste good. Or such is said of it anyway. We would leave that for you to decide.


The meat gotten from this animal which, by the way, is native to Australia, is said to be virtually fat-free with way more iron content than the conventional beef. It is also a delicacy that is considered worth trying and is a healthy choice by default as it is very low in cholesterol.

Balmain bugs

Well, not exactly bugs but a particular species of slipper lobsters that are found in shallow lakes around Australia. The main ‘meat of contention’ here is the tail, which is the only part of the animal that has some meat. And just like your good old lobster, the taste is worth the hunt.

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