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The Road Ahead: Singapore, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Dubai, Sri Lanka (New Silk Road Travels, Bout 3)

On the road ahead lies Singapore, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Dubai, and Sri Lanka (and maybe the Maldives too).

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I am now getting ready for my third bout of New Silk Road travels. The first two bouts went to China and Kazakhstan. For this one I will be on what has been dubbed the Maritime Silk Road, which is a China-led plan to develop, interconnect, and improve the economic and political efficiency of a series of ports from Asia to Europe.

I just procured the flights last night, and it’s looking like I will be bouncing between the ports of Singapore, Cambodia (Sihanoukville), Bangladesh (Chittagong), Dubai, and Sri Lanka (Hambantota) through the end of January and February. If I can fit it in, I may hop over to Male in the Maldives as well, but will more than likely leave this for part two of my Maritime Silk Road travels, which will include Gwadar Port in Pakistan, the Port of Sudan, and Bagamoyo in Tanzania.

The New Silk Road covers at least 60 countries, and while I won’t reasonably make it to all of them during the course of writing this book, I will keep rambling until the manuscript is due this autumn.


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