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The red flags to look out for when searching for accommodations

How to avoid bad hotels.

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As states within the US begin to look at easing lockdown measures and countries around the world seem set to do the same, it could well mean that planning a trip for later in the year is worthwhile. Doing so will mean you will be all ready to roll when travel restrictions between states or countries are eased after we emerge from draconian COVID-19 lockdown measures.

It may seem a little strange to talk about travel right now with much of the world still under COVID-19 lockdown measures. The eager traveler has had to find other ways to stay busy for the last few months, from using a Tropicana online bonus code to play internet casino games to taking up a new hobby or trying to work from home.

One thing that is worth researching before you book is where you will stay when away. If you do not book accommodation which is up to standard, then it can make any trip miserable! Where you stay does have a significant impact on how much you get from any break. Sometimes the best approach when deciding where to book is looking out for red warning flags popping up in your mind as you go. But what are the classic red flags for poor accommodation of which you should be aware?

Lots of negative online reviews

There is no doubt that most of us like to head online to search for a hotel to stay in and to check out the relevant details and facilities. One problem, though, is getting an accurate picture of what any accommodation is like – after all, their website is not going to tell you how bad it is! One classic red flag to look out for is a lot of negative online reviews or testimonials. Sites like Trip Advisor are useful for seeing what people think about any accommodation before you book. Just remember, though, that it should be lots of bad reviews that set alarm bells ringing. If there are 1000 great ones and just two bad ones, it will probably be fine to stay there.

A bad report from friends

As well as online reviews from strangers who have stayed there before, you should also take into account the views of people you know. If a friend or family member you trust has stayed there recently and gives it a bad report, that is another big red flag. If they were not impressed after seeing the facilities and services in person, it is usually wise to find somewhere else. The advantage of getting this sort of feedback from people you know is that you can feel sure it is genuine and trustworthy. If you can combine it with looking at online reviews from strangers, then you will have a significant overall picture to work from.

Hard to contact

Another major red flag when looking at where to stay when traveling is that the hotel or hostel is hard to contact. Some may even have no contact details shown on their website, which is a real no-no! It is hard to trust any accommodation that gives you no way to contact them with any queries. Even if there are emails or phone numbers shown, try them out before you book. If you can never get hold of anyone or get a response to messages, that is another warning sign. Any decent accommodation should be easy to contact.

Staff are rude or unhelpful

But what if you do get hold of someone at the hotel, but they are obnoxious or rude? The simple answer is to forget about them and find somewhere else. Unhelpful staff is a major red flag for any traveler looking to book accommodation for their trip. An excellent spot to stay will have a team that is well-trained, professional, and eager to help. If the staff you contact do not show these characteristics, this could well mean the rest of the service is as bad, and you will be in for an inferior experience if you stay there.

Choose your accommodations carefully

As the above shows, there are some huge red flags to look out for before booking any accommodations for a future trip. Do not make the mistake of rushing into booking a hotel that has a flashy website with lots of alluring pictures on it. If you instead take time to conduct more in-depth research before putting any money down, you will not regret it.


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