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The Prague Plan

What I’m working on here in Prague.

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PRAGUE, Czech Republic- I’ve been back in Prague for the past three weeks. I still have a few things from my recent jaunts around the USA and Canada to publish, but will probably just shoot them straight up into the archive when they get done. I will make a note of this at it happens.

So Prague … I was just here for a month in June. I’m back for another month in November. I’m a little late with this post, as has been more the rule than the exception these past couple of years. I’ve been overwhelmed with what I’m trying to accomplish, family life, making money so that all of the above has the possibility to function. I will talk more about this later.

The last time I was in Prague I didn’t engage in any big on the ground projects. I was too busy working on my portion of the Atlas of New Cities, a story for The Guardian, and a research paper for a Harvard Journal called New Geographies. The academic portion of this work wiped me out and I couldn’t take on any additional projects.

Now, I’ve decided that under no circumstance am I ever again going to ignore the place that I’m in to finish work that I started in other places. This kind of work is like a landslide: you start with a little and it just keeps gathering more of itself until it buries you.

I’ve been buried.

That said, this session in Prague I have two projects planned. One is a short film / article combo about a former communist secret police agent and another about the Czech Republic’s pivot towards China and its role (or lack there of) on the Belt and Road.

I only have a week or so left. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to pull both of them off before I split out of here in December. However, I should be back in Prague again in February, so I can continue whatever I don’t finish then.


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