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The Perfect Type of Place to Propose

The best scenarios to consider a wedding proposal.

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When planning a romantic proposal for your special someone, it can be easy to focus on the natural beauty when thinking about where to go. However, taking a step back and thinking about it, there are so many other details that make up the perfect proposal location.

There isn’t a perfect proposal or backdrop for everyone. A perfect place for one person may be a terrible place for another. For many couples, an outdoor proposal makes sense, but for those who never go outdoors, it might not. This article will go into a few different options and why they may be good for a couple. 

The beach and sunset

Most people think of romantic settings like a beach when they think of a perfect place for a proposal. Beach proposals may seem cliche, but there is a reason why so many people choose to propose and even get married there. 

Beaches can be perfect for a few reasons including the lighting and the symbolism of starting a life adventure at the start of where the land begins. The beach is also a great place for secluded moments away from others and to spend some time alone. 

If traveling to a beach, remember the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. On the east coast, getting a good sunset picture can be difficult, while on the west coast, it’s much easier. Another tip to keep in mind is that if you are looking for great audio (for a recording), ocean waves can drown out a microphone very easily. 

A unique hike or scenic drive

If you are looking for a place that is a bit off the beaten path, or a destination that is not well known, consider a hike or scenic drive in the US. Perhaps you are looking in a state that has great hiking spots, like California, Colorado, Utah, or New Mexico. These places are famous for their scenic backdrops and high lookouts, but they certainly aren’t the only places to have a nice proposal. 

In every state, there are places that can be perfect for proposing and going on a nice hike. For just some of the best hikes in the country, a simple search online will give plenty of resources and options. 

At a museum or art gallery

The US is home to so many great museums and art galleries. What’s stopping you from proposing at one? In museums, you can see some of the world’s most famous works of art. You can also see some of the most well-known sculptures, paintings, or other famous items in the world. 

If you and your significant other appreciate art, proposing in front of a famous piece of art or even one with significance may be the perfect place. It’s important to double check with the museum or gallery before doing this, however. Getting kicked out in the middle of proposing would be the worst thing that could happen. 

Start of the Date

Getting engaged may be different for every couple, but many couples suggest proposing at the beginning of the date, rather than at the end. It’s common for the person proposing to act differently and not enjoy the date before they propose due to nervousness. Who could blame them?  

Often, the person being proposed to can also detect something different and expect/wonder when the question will be asked. This also can lead to awkward moments. By asking early, both people can enjoy the rest of the date and not have awkward tension between them. 

A third advantage of asking early is that there is less chance for a slip-up. Studies have shown that people often misspeak when nervous. If with a group of friends, it could easily slip out from them as well. If someone assumes the proposal has already taken place, they may run into you and ask how it went. The longer the wait, the higher the chance there will be a slip-up. 

Somewhere Special for the Couple

Think about this option if you would like to propose somewhere more romantic for the couple but perhaps nobody else.  Perhaps on the first date, it included dinner and then going to a local park where you had a great conversation. While the park may not seem special to most people, it may be the perfect place to propose to your partner. 

If making this kind of proposal, be sure that everything runs smoothly. If she wants an eternity ring, make sure to get the right size. Ensure that the weather is nice, and that loved ones will be able to attend if you want them part of it.  You can make a place special to the couple even more significant by having a perfect proposal there. 

Be Intentional

There is a difference between being formal and intentional. Most couples opt for a very formal proposal, but for some couples, formal settings are simply not part of the relationship. A proposal should reflect the couple’s relationship and commitment to each other. Even though it doesn’t have to be overly formal, the moment still has to be memorable and special.

The biggest red flag is being over casual. Some people may feel uncomfortable proposing with a big set up or going overboard, so they just casually discuss it and ask. That person may never admit they were unhappy with that kind of proposal, but odds are, they hoped for more. 

Regardless of how or where you decide to propose, remember that it’s supposed to be fun and exciting. Too often, events become so detailed and elaborate that they almost become a chore, less of a special moment, and more of a checklist. 

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