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The Perfect Beach Vacation Packing List

Going on a vacation to the beach? This is what you need to get ready.


Summer is finally here! With the bright sun shining in the sky, people have already started planning for their summer vacations. Wherever you are, the best way to beat the heat is by heading to a beach or a pool! Pools are nice but the fun you get from chilling in a beach is something else.

But since last summer, I have seen many people overpacking for their beach trips. Overpacking is never a good idea for a beach as you will always be concerned about your valuables and also, don’t forget the load you are carrying just for a beach trip!


To save your time and efforts, I have prepared a simple yet perfect beach packing list. With this beach vacation checklist, you’ll avoid packing too much and enjoy the beach without any tension! Here is my ultimate beach vacation packing list:


Backpack: a regular backpack that comes with multiple zips is perfect. You can store different items in a different zip and you are ready for the trip.

Drawstring bag: I personally prefer a drawstring bag because it is comfortable, can carry all your important items and perfect for the beach. But avoid overloading this bag as the chances are it will tear.

Extra bag: carry another small bag inside your backpack or drawstring bag for your wet clothes.


Swimsuit: If you are planning to swim in the sea, a swimsuit is very essential. Carry a swimsuit which is comfortable so that even after the swim, you can just lie on the sand and relax!

After swimwear: Once you finished swimming, guys can wear a tank top or a t-shirt while girls can go for a dress or sarong. Carry your clothes based on the number of days you are going for.  They are light in weight and extremely perfect for summer.

Shorts: I usually carry 2 pairs of shorts whenever I go to the beach.

Undergarments: 2 pairs of underwear for a day at the beach is perfect. An extra pair of shorts always comes in handy.

Water shoes: Be sure to pack a pair of water shoes for women for those times at the beach.

Avoid wearing dark-colored clothes as they absorb sunlight much faster than the light-colored ones. You just saved so much space in your bag with these clothes.

Beach vacation necessities


Sunglasses: Don’t forget that at the beach the rays of the sun are really string.UV protection for the eyes is a must-have and that’s why wear sunglasses to the beach. I found a website called SmartBuyGlasses.com where you can get designer sunglasses and polarized sunglasses that are perfect for the beach (use the code POLARIZEDO to get free polarized lenses).

Sunscreen: Sun protection is a must-have for a beach, and that’s why sunscreen is a must-have item.

Beach towel: After a long swim in the beach, you need to dry yourself somehow. That is why a beach towel is something you need to carry.

Flip flops: These are the best footwear when you are planning to go to a beach. They are mot only comfortable and will protect your legs from the hot sand. Also, they are hassle-free.

A big piece of cloth: if you are not planning to pay for a beach chair, it is recommended to carry this so that you can sit on the sand comfortably.

Medicines: Carry all your important medication wherever you go. The chances of finding a pharmacy near a beach are quite low. Carry your first aid kit with you all the time.

Hat: If you forgot your beach umbrella, a hat is ready to save you from the strong and warm sunlight.

Water bottle: Staying hydrated is very important while you are in the sun for a long time. Carry with you a bottle that is insulated to keep liquids cold.

Snacks: Carry some easy-to-carry snacks so that you can kill your hunger after a long swim!

Just pack your bags with this checklist and you are ready to go to the beach!

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