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The One Thing The Traveling Life Doesn’t Provide

I know what I’m missing.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia– There is one place in the world that I want to be beyond all others. There is one place that I am the most happy. There is one place where I’m all-in on the moment, cherishing every morsel of my time there. That place is located right here:

42.7738° N, 78.7870° W

My friends are all there right now, drinking shots from the holes in an old bowling ball, grilling sausages on a garden rake, and baking pizzas in a filing cabinent. They are drinking beer and singing songs. Everybody is reconnecting after a long, long season apart. Everybody is smiling, excited, drunk, and full of hope.

I’m sitting by myself in a dark room in Kuala Lumpur, looking out at a six lane highway, a grungy all night food stall, and a sea of uncaring high-rises.

Will every lifestyle you gain somethings and sacrifice some things. Some elements of life are simply mutually exclusive. There is no way you can have them all together.

There is a lot of my lifestyle that is incredible, and day for day I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. But sometimes, once a week throughout each autumn perhaps, you become aware of what you’re missing.

Go Billsies!

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