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The first-rate destination that is Bali

Bali is one of the best travel destinations in all of Southeast Asia for a reason.

A spout of land rises from the ocean adorning in a swath of sandy beaches and sprouting a tropical vegetation any adventurer would die to explore. An Indonesian island that is Bali currently attracts tourist in droves from the world over following it ranking as an excellent touring destination. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean it has perfect views of the ocean all round. The volcanicity of the island lends it the black and white sands on its beach are iconic on this island. As any tropical region, the island dons an expanse of lush vegetation some of which is ingenious. The hotels in this island will have the guests flying in to experience a five-class stay away from the commotion of the busy urban life.

Lounge in one of Bali’s five star hotels

Bali is not shy in offering luxury and neither are the hotels, which have sprouted along the beaches of this unique island. Balinese culture is the blend of different Asian cultures to produce a fine cultural meshwork of the island. The architectural print of Balinese culture is apparent on the buildings in the hotels. This very blend becomes apparent in the different artworks displays in the hotel rooms and their very architecture. The finishes and furnishing in the hotel rooms will offer a fusion of the local as well the eccentric contemporary style in a bid to create a relaxed ambience in the rooms. The open view of the Indian Ocean as dusk wears on unobstructed will make the stay enchanted.

A Balinese banquet

In every culture, food is a major factor and it is so even in Balinese culture. The ingenious dishes on this island are a delight not common find elsewhere. The rich cultural heritage of the island sees to it that the island provides scrumptious dishes on their banquet. Influenced by the oceanic surrounding the dishes have plenty of seafood for those angling towards such tastes. The Island’s various local deli and the restaurants offer a chance to enjoy the famous Balinese cuisine.

The best five star hotels in Bali give a dining experience in a way befitting the five star repute. While seated on a platform surrounded by blossoms and bathed in candle light the couple on romantic getaway will definitely enjoy the experience. The various restaurants offered provide an extensive menu of Balinese delicacies from which to enjoy. The bars will have you sipping away in leisure while watching the sunset over the horizon in an all relaxed setting. The restaurants also offer live cultural dance entertainment to accompany the relaxed atmosphere.

The experience while staying in a Bali five star hotel

While staying in Bali five star hotels it would benefit you to wander about the island if, you are in search of this magical wonder. The Island offers great picnic spots either for romantic purposes or leisure. The tropical forest that begs for exploration in will call on any nature lover to go backpacking and indulge their wanderlust. While not feeling cut out for the forest, the beach is a perfect spot to spend your time with a lover or you family. Bali offers a myriad of kids’ recreational activities with the assurance of safety to the parents.

The vacation would however not be complete without mention of the spa treatments in Bali’s five star hotels. The spa treatments are unique with some techniques being ingenious to the Island. Bali Island’s unique “Spa on The Rocks” will rejuvenate and refresh the body and soul in true Balinese technique. While vacationing on the “island of gods”, wander into one of their spa complex and you might discover what true luxury entails.

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