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The easy way to find all flights from every airport

A look at a new flight booking platform for business travelers looking for more efficient ways to fly.


Looking for a website where you can find all non-stop flight from every single airport in the world? FlightsFrom.com does just that. The site compiles departing flights from airports all across the globe, making it easier than ever to plan your next business trip or weekend getaway.

By searching for an airport, or using the handy airport map, you can explore every non-stop flight from that specific airport on any given day – up to nine months ahead of departure. Each airport has its own page where you can not only find general information about the airport but also information like most popular destinations, which airline offers the most departures and which aircraft model is most common.

Cities to fly toWith just a click on any airport you can see how many routes are available. 

Flight routes

It’s also possible to choose a specific airline and explore every single one of their routes.

What makes the site even more great is that when you’re searching for flights from a specific airport you have a large variety of filters to choose from. You can for example select destination country, airline, only low-cost carriers, airline alliance, and type of aircraft. It is also possible to choose departure time and desired flight time. This kind of features make it considerably easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

FlightsFrom interface

Who is it for?

FlightsFrom.com was originally intended for business travelers looking for more efficient ways to fly. It all started in 2015 when the founders of FlightsFrom.com was in search of the perfect destination for a conference trip. They had a few conditions when choosing a destination; no low-cost carriers, no more than 7 hours flight time including stops, warm enough climate for outdoor activities and the destination should also have a direct connection from Shanghai. Despite more than two decades of experience within the field it took the group a lot of time and effort to finally decide on a destination. This is how FlightsFrom.com was born.

Today, the website is a perfect tool for anybody looking for non-stop destinations from a specific airport. It’s for the frequent flyer looking to accumulate some more miles, the backpacker not knowing where to go, and for the couple going on a spontaneous weekend getaway. It’s also for the ones without a destination in mind or even travel plans at all – for those who are curious about which airlines fly where or how many flights are scheduled every day at a certain airport.

Now you’re probably curious on where they finally went on their conference trip? The answer is Dubai!


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