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The Cubed Jacket – The Ultimate Travel Jacket

This is an exception piece of travel gear innovation, so I’m going to get a little excited about it.

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Today is the last day to participate in the Kickstarter campaign for Clothing Art’s Cubed Travel Jacket. This is the jacket that I’ve been talking about on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the past week, and now is your last chance to jump in and get it for a significant discount.

*Update: the discounted Kickstarter price has been extened through the weekend. Get one here.

This is probably without a doubt the most well thought out, most innovative travel jacket yet made. To put it simply, this is a jacket that is made for travel and not specifically designed for adventure sports. To be blunt, very few travelers are ever really going to ever need the standard attributes that most “travel jackets” are made with. Most of us are not scaling tall peaks and swinging ice axes, we’re traveling from city to city, going out to villages, sitting in cafes, and hanging out where the people are. And as travel is an inherently social affair, you kind of want to look good while doing it, but you still need good, solid weather protection for both yourself and the gear you’re carrying.

Enter the Cubed jacket.

This is a 4-season outer shell that combines many different types of “high-tech” clothing attributes into one extremely well designed, incredibly well thought out garment. It is a fully water proof jacket that doesn’t make that crinkly noise when you move in it, doesn’t smell like toxic plastics, and appears similar to natural fibers. It is made with an eVent® DVStorm™ type of membrane. I’m not sure what that is exactly, but what I do know is that it is currently the most waterproof/breathable fabric ever made.

It also has very innovative pocketing that is both function, secure, and looks good. I mean, this jacket’s main pockets are twin Napoleons — i.e. parallel vertical breast pockets. Which are, I have to say it, kind of cool. But these Napoleons are uniquely functional, and can be accessed both from outside and inside the jacket, depending on what situation you find yourself in. While the insides of the coat are decked out with other enclosed, waterproof security pockets — some of which even have security clips.

It is no secret here that I like the Brooklyn-based company known as Clothing Arts. They make functioning travel clothing for people who still want to look good. If you’re going out into some jungle it doesn’t really matter what you look like — you can get away with wearing jackets that are little more than over-glorified grocery bags, safari hats, and dopey khaki shorts — but when you’re traveling in cities or have people to meet or things to do beyond the pale of routine tourism, you may want to look somewhat respectable.

I had a problem a while back where I realized that the clothing that I was wearing to my meetings and interviews as I continued traveling doing research for my books and articles weren’t really suitable for the rigors of travel and my travel clothing wasn’t really presentable in boardrooms in front of CEOs or in the offices of government officials. I realized that I needed a set of clothes that could do both, and almost serendipitous I received an email from Clothing Arts wondering if I’d like to try out their business travel pants. I said yes, and I believe I’ve worn them about every day since . . .

My review of Clothing Arts’ the business travel pants.

My review of Clothing Arts’ pick-pocket proof travel shirt.

This is a company that was founded by a former business traveler named Adam Rapp who converted to full time backpacking. He’s basically trying to make the best clothes in the world for himself to wear, and this intent shows through in every aspect of the end products.

Take a look at the Cubed jacket:

Cubed jacket 3 Cubed jacket

Get a Cubed jacket at a discount by supporting their Kickstart campaign on its final day.


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