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The Best Travel Destinations for Sports Fans

Where to go for those who are into spectator sports.

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Travel is a great way to learn more about the world, meeting different people, trying new cuisines and discovering places you never knew existed. If you’re a sports fan, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to see some of the world’s greatest sports teams in action. Sports are a passion for billions of people around the world and whether it’s soccer, cricket, basketball, football or baseball, fans get incredibly excited to see the best teams play.

The next time you’re planning a trip, why not include some sporting destinations to view some historic grounds and catch the live action from the best teams in the world? In this article, we’ll share some of the best destinations for sports fans, including what makes each location such a great spot to visit.

New Jersey

While there’s only one major league team officially from New Jersey, several teams that identify as New York-based also play in the Garden State. New Jersey is an excellent travel destination for any sports fan thanks to the fact that some of the biggest sporting franchises in the world play here. You can catch games from the New Jersey Devils in the NHL, the New York Giants and New York Jets in the NFL and the New York Red Bulls in the MLS.

Aside from being home to a variety of top-tier sports teams, NJ also features legal online sports betting. That means you can visit the state, sign up to a New Jersey sports betting app and start placing real money bets on your favorite sports. Betting is a great way to make sports even more exciting, allowing you to potentially make money from your sporting knowledge. Just remember that you’ll need to be at least 21 years old to register and you should always bet responsibly.

London, England

London is home to many historic sporting organizations and grounds. The city is steeped in rich culture and history, and while there are many attractions to see and things to do, some of the sporting teams are the most interesting. There are several Premier League soccer clubs based in London, and if getting a ticket is too difficult, you can also find plenty of matches in the lower levels of the sport.

While soccer might be the UK’s favorite sport, it’s not the only thing you can check out while staying in London. If you fancy some cricket, head on down to Lords to watch top international teams battling it out during major tournaments. There’s also the highly prestigious Wimbledon tennis open, one of the oldest and most historic tennis tournaments in the world.


Another great American destination for sports lovers is the state of Massachusetts. Teams based in the state have won an impressive six Stanley Cups, 17 NBA Championships, six Super Bowls and ten World Series. The state is best known for teams like the Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics, but it’s also home to the Boston Bruins, New England Patriots, Boston Braves and New England Revolution.

Fenway Park is the home of the Boston Red Sox and one of the most historic sporting grounds in the US. It was constructed in 1912 and while it’s been redeveloped since, it’s still a marvel to behold. You can book tours around the ground so it’s possible to get in even if you don’t get tickets for a big game.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is an incredible city to visit even if you’re not a fan of sports. The beach, architecture and climate make it a must see for any European adventure, and it also helps that it offers a lot to sports fans too. You can visit the Camp Nou, the largest soccer stadium in Europe, home to FC Barcelona and there’s also Euro basket, handball, beach volleyball and sailing.


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