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The Best Sunglasses Cases For Traveling

If you don’t have a case you’re not going to have sunglasses for very long when traveling.


There is no more important occasion to have sunglasses with you than when you are traveling. You are going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, especially if you are going somewhere with a beach, and sunglasses let you see all the sights without straining your eyes.

Now that it is becoming possible to travel again, you are probably taking your sunglasses with you. If you have a designer pair from GlassesUSA.com, you’ll want to take care of them as best you can. The last thing you want is to find them squashed in the bottom of your bag.

Not all sunglasses cases are created equal. These are the types of cases that are best for travel.

Hard Large Cases

The hardiest cases are, without doubt, the biggest ones. Those that have hard shells, extensive padding inside, and plenty of space for your sunglasses to move within. When it comes to protecting your sunglasses, this is the obvious choice.

The problem with these cases is that they take up space. This may not matter so much if you’re keeping them in a suitcase or backpack, but if you want to go to the beach with a small string bag, the sunglasses will weigh you down.

Hard Slim Cases

Then there is the slim case – hard on the outside and not much softer on the inside. There is no space for padding like with the large cases. This opens up plenty of space in your bags, but means your sunglasses are not as well protected. If you sit on them, they’ll be alright. However, if they are bouncing around, they may get damaged.

These cases are still better than the soft cases that look nice but don’t serve much practical purpose. They are infinitely better than fabric cases which just make your glasses slightly easier to carry.

Hardy Rubber Cases

A hardy rubber case brings the best of all worlds. Not only is it going to protect your sunglasses, whether they are banging around in your bag or in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it won’t take up too much space. Rubber can fit into small spaces far more easily than plastic, and is less likely to break open.

Rubber cases can also be very fashionable, with a variety of colors and the potential for engravings. They are almost certainly the best cases for traveling.

Finding the right sunglasses

With the knowledge that you can fully protect any pair of sunglasses you choose, you may feel a lot more comfortable splashing out on designer brands. A great pair of sunglasses can accompany you anywhere you go and looking amazing with any outfit. They can become your favorite accessory and are well worth the money, especially when your favorite celebrity dj wears them too.

A good pair will cost you a few hundred dollars, but it is a one-off sum for something that will last you years. Taking care of them is going to be very important, so don’t skimp on a good case either!


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