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The Best Megalinthic Places You Can Visit in 2023

Megalithic places are also referred to as “ancient ruins” and there are many people all over the world who are always interested in visiting such places.


For people who take a keen interest in history, it is necessary to go to places from the megalithic era and see how brilliant the remains are. It help you to picture what all those places would have looked like so many years ago. Megalithic places are also referred to as “ancient ruins” and there are many people all over the world who are always interested in visiting such places. You can look up where these places are on the internet so that you could plan your itinerary accordingly. 

Do make sure that your internet is reliable enough to help you research and plan everything out, something like Spectrum Internet, which is among the best internet services in the country! To help you with your research, we have listed a few places from the megalithic era that we think you should visit. Keep reading to find out what they are:

The Rapa Nui National Park on Easter Island

Easter Island is popular for all the ancient ruins that it harbors. This is exactly why the area is very interesting to visit. The area is home to Moai, which are large, carved stone figures. The purpose of these figures is to remember the ancestors of the natives that live in the region, the Rapa Nui people. The statues vary in their height, they range from 6 feet to 60 feet and it is believed that the statues were made back in the time between the 10th to 16th centuries. 

However, if you want to look at those statues, you would have to travel to the sort of Island that is more or less abandoned and remote. Since the people of the region were isolated, they excelled in their artistic abilities, which includes all the carvings in the houses and caves. 

The Ayuthaya Region in Thailand

Thailand is known for its natural beauty all over the world. With a lot of greenery and tea farming, Thailand is the kind of place that you should visit as a tourist. Another brilliant attraction in Thailand is the Ayuthaya Region which was founded around the year 1350 and started off as a military post. It was also a trading port, which is why it also briefly became the capital of Thailand in ancient times. It was the capital for around 4 centuries until the Burmese burned it down. 

Since nearly everything in the region was made out of wood, it was very easily burnt down. Only 50 or so stone temples and relics survived that you can still go and visit even today. If you go there today, you will see a mix of Sri Lankan, Siamese, and Khmer architectural styles. 

The Bagan Region in Myanmar

Myanmar is also known for all its famous remains from ages ago. Myanmar has an entire ancient city, called the Ancient City of Bagan and it is exactly something you would see in an Uncharted game. You may take a ferry from Mandalay to the city where you can explore the ruins and study them as much as you want. It is believed that the area was made in 1057 and it covers an area of 16 square miles. Not only is the place very old but the civilization and lifestyle there are also pretty old. Even today, you can see farmers riding on Ox carts and you can see people praying in the temples.

This is great from an environmental perspective due to a lack of cars that would release toxins into the air. The Ox carts are actually a great means for traveling with as little impact on the environment as possible. Going to the Ancient City of Bagan makes you feel like you have traveled back in time, which is cool. 

The Machu Picchu Region in Peru

How could we talk about popular megalithic places and not mention Machu Picchu? It is situated on the top of a mountain and consists of stone blocks that were joined together, and the best part is that no mortar was used to join them together. Machi Picchu served as the center for political, religious, and social reasons of the Inca people. This area was discovered by modern civilization back in 1911 and the area is divided into two regions, the agricultural and urban regions. 

Looking at the place in pictures is one thing but visiting there and seeing it for yourself is entirely different, which is exactly why you should definitely plan a visit to Machu Picchu as soon as you can so that you could take a look yourself. 

Wrapping Up

It is without a doubt that the megalithic areas are among the most interesting places to visit, especially for people who take a keen interest in traveling. Be sure to keep all these places in mind the next time you are traveling so that you could explore on your own too!


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