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The best fly fishing rods for traveling and camping

The most important piece of equipment you need for fly fishing.

Fly fishing

When it comes to fly fishing and discovering new fishing spots, you’ll want to arm yourself with a travel fly rod. The main reason you need to opt for a travel fly rod is its ease of portability. They are desined to seamlessly fit into a backpack, carry-on bag, duffel bag, or even a fly fishing sling pack.

Fly rods are incredibly light in weight, but a travel fly rod excels amongst backpackers due to ease of storage. The top fly rods can be broken down into 6,7, or 8 sections. Storing a 4-piece fly rod in a reliable backpack, for instance, makes you climb mountains with ease. Overall, travel fly rods have taken portability to a whole new level. Read on to learn more about the top portable fly rods.

Echo Trip 8 Piece Fly Rod

With eight pieces that can measure up to 18 inches, this is one of the top fly rods out there. What’s more, it’s offered in 5,6 or 8 weight rods, meaning you can pick the weight that suits your requirements best. The rod’s aesthetics are pretty attractive, with stripping guides, black wraps, silver trim, and chrome snake guides. The alignment dots contained on the 8-piece rod ferrules simplify the fitting process.

Redington Classic Trout

In addition to having superb sensitivity and accuracy, the Redington Classic Trout is a popular travel fly rod. The commonly available is the 4-piece rods, but there are also other available options. The rod has a length of 17.5,” ensuring it has an ideal travel size. So, you can comfortably pack it into a carry-on, luggage or backpack. The trout may not be designed to endure stormy conditions, but it catches many fish and casts in impressively.

The Maxcatch Traveler Fly Rod

Well, this is perhaps one of the most affordable fly rods. Maxcatch designs the rod with carbon fiber, the fly reel contains solid aluminum, while the grip consists of a top-notch AAA-grade cork. Best of all, you can break the tool down into seven small pieces and travel with it across the country. It will shoot well across all types of rivers and easily shoot a line with accuracy and power.

Hardy Demon Saltwater Fly Rod

This fly rod from Hardy Demon is one of the best to use for catching saltwater fish. It boasts a sturdy construction and luring aesthetic with light blue blank and dark blue wraps. The rod measures 21” and weighs 3.81 oz. The accuracy included in the short-mid range is unmatched. Its large size helps catch large fish, such as bonefish and tarpon.

Orvis Clearwater Frequent Flyer Fly Rod

Orvis is famous for designing sturdy and quality fly fishing equipment, and this one isn’t an exception. Well, this, in particular, breaks into seven pieces for ease of portability. The rod’s ultra-light nature assures effortless accuracy and control. It will help you catch plenty of fish. What’s more, its performance is second to none.

The Final Take

The items mentioned above are the most essential you need to carry when traveling and camping. All items will cater to your traveling needs because they are sturdy, lightweight, compact, and will perform exceptionally on water.


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