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The 5-Step Guide: Using Dating Apps Abroad

How to meet people when traveling.

Travels can be lonely. You’re heading to an unfamiliar location whose “norms” differ from yours. There’s a different language, culture, food – you name it. So what’s the solution? How do you solve the problems of lonely traveling, especially when finding one night stands? We believe the answer to that is easy. You just need a few tips on how to socialize abroad. We’ll mention FIVE of those below. Read the list and take it to heart. It’ll help you meet new hookups anywhere, whether at a bar, or in a local hostel!

Select a Metropolitan Location

Your chances of meeting other travelers there are higher. Plus, metropolitan areas are multi-lingual. It’s easier to communicate with other locals there, even if it’s in “broken English”. And this ease of communication makes it easy to get serviced, establish connections, etc. People you meet will have an easy time talking to you! After all, the language barrier applies to them too! Basically, with large cities, you’re less likely to feel like a stranger!

Let the Airport Assist You

Any airport has Wi-Fi. And that’s what you tend to use into after a flight, specifically to catch up on messages. However, we recommend taking this to the next level. That is, instead of checking messages, find new people in your stopover country! It’ll save you time “socializing from scratch” after a flight. And it works well, especially after short (but non-exhausting) travels!

Be Specific With Your Socializing Intentions

Here’s an odd fact. Most people abroad use dating apps as a way to find a language exchange. Why? Because to them, that’s how they learn a new language. And you might be a prime target for “free English lessons.” Now, there’s nothing wrong with that. But running into language exchange seekers won’t get you anywhere. And specifically, it won’t land you a hookup. Though you can make a few friends of this method!

Many dating apps now let you list your interests and what you’re looking for. To start, check out this list of online dating sites.

Define Your Priorities

Stay on dating sites for hookups. And specifically, make sure you define your needs. Keep those clear priorities on your profile. Make sure you also specify meeting locations. And ensure you take things offline. After all, you’re not traveling for “online friendships” only. You want to meet your prospects offline too!

Watch Out for Fake Profiles

Fake profiles are a waste of your travel time. But thankfully, they’re easy spot. For starters, if “it’s too good to be true,” then it probably is. Any profile that looks like a supermodel isn’t likely to be real. Specifically, watch out for fake profiles that look like something from a pro photo shoot. Those are signs of issues. Plus, there’s also the issue of broken English and improperly written words (in the native language of your visit location). If you spot those traits, run. And then there’s ethnicity. Make sure the looks match the location. After all, a hot blonde isn’t likely to be a foreign local!

Stay Alert and Safe

You’re a foreigner, so you’re easy to spot in a foreign location. You stand out with ease, especially if you’re a white person in a “not so white country.” And the result? You attract tons of attention (the unwanted type), especially for women. This can be dangerous if you don’t take the necessary precautions. And you’re even more vulnerable if you can’t speak the native language. This can put you in many tough spots. For starters, you can be a prime target for “street snatchers” taking your stuff and running. You can also be a prime target for hustlers – specifically those who overprice items to you as a foreigner.

What You Can Do

For starters, stay street smart. Keep an eye out for any action as you roam about. You need to be mindful of the environment in, beyond the obvious sightseeing. Also, learn to spot the police. They’re the people you can turn to “if you don’t feel safe” walking around. And finally, make sure a companion is coming along. This can be the new hookup you just met. Or, it can be a friend joining you on a trip!


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