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Thailand Vacation Ideas: Four Activities You Shouldn’t Miss Out

How to explore the hidden Thailand.

Thailand (formerly known as a Siam) is one of the tourist hotspots in Southeast Asia. It’s the land of smiles brimming with fine dining establishments, classy and luxurious hotels, friendly people and spas, to name but a few. The Kingdom of Thailand has never been colonized, so visitors can expect that the place is independent and unique. With the rich heritage and abundant supply of natural resources, it’s not surprising why it should be on a traveler’s bucket list.

In addition to being hailed as one rewarding and anticipated travel destinations, the country also serves as a gateway to different neighboring countries.

What should you do in the place?

With a land mass of 513,120 square kilometers, it’ll probably take a very long time before you’ll be able to enjoy all the vacation spots. But with guidelines, Thailand vacation ideas and tour guides, things will be a lot easier. Of course, you shouldn’t miss out your chance to research. It still pays to learn many useful things that will make your vacation worthwhile.

Outlined here are some guidelines that might help:

Enjoy Doi Angkhang communities

Doi Angkhang is recognized as the “Little Switzerland” since it has lush farming climates which make it possible to produce fresh veggies and fruits. There is the Royal Project which is a plantation that educates the villagers about good alternatives to the opium farming. Interestingly, it’s set up by the King. As you stay and visit the place, enjoy the delicious lychees, strawberries and even peaches that are offered by the locals.

It’s not only the food you’ll enjoy – there’s the daily life of the people you’ll get to witness. See the cattle carelessly wandering around, the men tending the land and the women who typically prepare the food. Once there, you’ll experience a bit of the Thai life.

Visits Phuket’s Andaman Coast

If you’re not feeling the wanderlust and just want to enjoy the scenery of the ocean, the Andaman Coast is one of the best beaches you could visit. There’s a place where you could snorkel or even dive, perfect for extreme water adventurers. You and your companions can also go island hopping, giving you a chance to enjoy all the wonderful views and experience the diverse cultures and delicacies. When you’re looking for picture-perfect scenery that you can upload on your social media sites, have a view of the sunset which lingers in the sky.

Visit the colorful markets and ancient temples

One of the best things about the country is their temples. How they preserve the authenticity of the buildings and their history will definitely impress you. Even if it takes approximately 12 hours to arrive at the destination via a train, the changing landscape will definitely draw a smile on your face.

Probably one thing which will interest you is the colorful and exciting markets that offer the best, sumptuous and exquisite street foods. Do not miss a chance to have a taste on all delicacy. Visit every stall and taste samples to have an idea of what’s Thai cuisine are all about. Or if you prefer to try some gourmet, you can book a fine dining and get discounts on Phuket restaurants at the same time.

Experience a trip with the elephants

This is definitely one of the things which local and foreign tourists enjoy. By visiting one, you’ll not only be entertained, it’s possible to be educated too.


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