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Travels in Thailand

The firts time that I traveled through Thailand was in the spring of 2005. It was part of a long journey from Hong Kong to India that I undertook with Stubbs. After wandering through Laos from the border of Yunnan Province in China we quickly picked up a $2.50 train that went straight to Bangkok. Yes, we were on a train to Bankok. In Bangkok our only plan was to leave as soon as possible to make India and the glorious highlands in the north. But we found the great bookstores that once lined Khao San Road and stayed there for a month just reading in a little top floor room of a cheap high-rise shanty. Made friends, had fun. The next time that I was in Thailand, it was under a similar transit situation. I was coming from Vietnam in 2007 and arrived in Bangkok set on practicing Muay Thai. I did so, but soon left the city least I could be sucked into another month long stay.  

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Travels in Thailand:

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