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  • Verizon Global Data in Guatemala Jungle

    FINCA TATIN, Guatemala- Before leaving the USA I provisioned myself with a Verizon Blackberry with a global data plan. With this device, I can go to just about any country in the world and expect to have access to the internet. I pay in full for this service — $65 a month — but each [...]

  • Orange Peeler Machine

    LIVINGSTON, Guatemala- This is an orange peeler machine in Livingston, Guatemala. An orange is placed into the clamps, which are then tightened into place — little spikes stick into the orange’s peel to keep it steady — and then a crank is turned, the orange spins on its axis, and a small scoop is moved [...]

  • Homemade Grills in Guatemala

    LIVINGSTON, Guatemala- A grill is amongst the simplest of cooking implements on the planet — they are really little more than raised up campfire platforms to be used in places where ground fire is inappropriate or not possible. It is amazing to me how complicated the grill has become: as they can be made easily [...]

  • Travel Blog Supplies Internet with Photos

    SOSUA, Dominican Republic- It is my impression that the internet was started as a way for people across the world to share information, content, and knowledge in a way in which other people could use and conglomerate it into something new and ever changing, ever connecting, ever growing. The internet is a way to give [...]

  • Blackberry Means I Can Blog from a Car

    I am leaving Maine, riding in a car down to the airport in Portland. I am blogging from the back seat of a moving vehicle, I purchased a Blackberry on a global data plan to give me this opportunity. I am no longer as tied to WIFI connections – no longer as much of a [...]

  • First Entry With Blackberry

    This is the first entry to this travelogue with a Verizon Blackberry. It was my feeling that being able to access the internet in 100+ countries to blog would make my life easier. I suppose this is the grand impetus for gadgets. But as I sit here on the lee side of a day where [...]

  • Global Positioning Systems GPS Good But Beware

    This entry about the trust parameters that should be placed around Global Positioning Systems — GPS — technology is the first part of a Vagabond Journey series on navigation. The hand held GPS unit is perhaps one of the greatest gifts that civilization has ever given to the back country wanderer. With properly knowledge of [...]

  • Travel Blog Now Published with WordPress

    I began publishing the Vagabond Journey Travelogue through Wordpress. Everything that was previously published will stay right where it is — unchanged — the only thing that is different is that the index page and all new entries will be done through the Wordpress blogging system rather than Blogger. This will allow you to access [...]

  • Internet Access in Third World Countries

    Is internet access readily available in third world countries?

    Yes, yes, yes, public internet is often far more available in third world countries than it is in the affluent regions of this earth. The internet has swept the world, and most places on the planet are plugged in.

  • Insource IT Jobs Not Outsource

    Insource IT Jobs Not Outsource After staying in Bangalore, India for more time than any self-concerning human ever should, I have come to the conclusion that outsourcing IT jobs is an archaic practice that necessitates far too much overhead for the meager goals it sets out to accomplish. An IT professional is essentially a telemarketer [...]