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How to travel the world?


Wade from www.VagabondJourney.com has been continuously traveling around the world for over a decade. He is open to answer all questions about travel or tattooing-  email Vagabondsong@gmail.com. Walk Slow.



Tattoos and Tattooing

The following is information about tattoos, tattooing, and tattoo artist around the world that may be of interest to the traveler. Here you will find pages about tattoo history, tattoo care, where to find tattoo artists while traveling, how to tell if they are any good, and general information about the art of tattooing around the world. 

View more tattoo photos at Tattoos from Around the World

Vagabond Journey Tattoos- This is where I show pictures and tell stories about my own tattoos: how I got them, who did them, and where in the world I was when all of this took place. I have been traveling and getting tattooed for the past eight years.

Vagabond Journey Tattoo photos page two

Vagabond Journey Tattoo photos page three

Vagabond Journey Tattoo photos page four

Photographs of Tattoos- This is a collection of photos of tattoos from around the world.



tattoo photos page three

Tattoo Care- Information on how to care for a fresh tattoo while traveling.

Horimono Traditional Japanese Tattooing Thesis- This is my Junior thesis that I researched for Global College (Friends World Program) Long Island University while in Kyoto, Japan.

International Tattoo Directory- How and where to find tattoo artists around the world.

How Tattoos are made - This is a short video diagram of how tattoo ink is put into the skin.


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Tattoos and Tattooing

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