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Tattoo Photos Page Two

Photographs of tattoos
, tattoo artists, tattoo parlors, and people with tattoos from China. Add to this page about Chinese tattooing! If you have photos that are relevant to Chinese tattooing or you are a Chinese tattoo artist and would like to publish your photos on this page (with a link to your website), please send them to VagabondSong@gmail.com. Vagabond Guide to Tattoos

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Photos of Tattoos from China page 2:

peony flower tattoo

Another tattoo done by the Chinese tattoo artist, Yujin. The tattoo is of traditional Chinese peony flowers.

tibetan tattoo china

Dave getting a traditional Tibetan design of a flaming sword tattoo on the inside of his wrist in China.

tibetan tattoo in China

The Chinese tattoo artist from Hangzhou tattooing a traditional Tibetan (Indian) image of two intertwined carp on the inside of my arm.

tattoo in china of tibetan fish

Another tattoo photo of the Tibetan (Indian) carp on the inside of my arm.

chinese tattoo

Photograph of a Chinese tattoo

lotus tattoo china

Photo of lotus flower tattoo on my elbow done in Hangzhou, China.

china tattoo artist

The Hangzhou tattoo artist, Yujin, and myself in his tattoo studio in China.

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Vagabond Journey Tattoos
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